Artificial waterfalls in landscape design.

known that water (and fire) is fascinating.You can spend hours to see how it flows.Psychologists believe that this picture calming effect on a person, a positive effect on the nervous system.

Since ancient times, in the parks and gardens of wealthy people were built artificial waterfalls.Today, they also decided to create a private holiday homes in suburban areas.Many people wonder whether it is possible to make such a decoration at the cottage or in the garden with his own hands.

Where do

Falls waterfall is best to look surrounded by trees and flowers.Suit slopes of small hills.The size of the pond, which is to drain the water, the depth depends on your desires and the site area.If you are not going to plant it fish or plants, it can be shallow.

Mark the outline of the future pond on the ground, and you can start to dig a pit.To the waterfall was a natural channel should be given a meandering shape.For strengthening and waterproofing of the reservoir you need natural stones of different sizes,

mix and primer for waterproofing, fiberglass, pump sand with cement.On how quality insulation is made will depend on the life of the building.

bottom of the pit fill glass or sand layer 4 mm.Over it fits waterproofing, then a layer of cement.It placed stones and other elements of the waterfall.After that give structure to dry well.

pump waterfall

artificial waterfalls can not be created without the pumping system.Its capacity depends on the height of buildings.The higher your waterfall, the more powerful the device you need.It is desirable to install a mechanism to adjust the function of the water flow.The pump must submit it to the top of the structure.It is desirable that the system is hidden under rocks.


Artificial waterfalls become the brightest ornament of any territory, so the land on which your facility is located, should be very beautiful.

Design - the most pleasant phase of work, because you can express their imagination.It can be used for decoration stones, alpine plants ready for the garden decoration.Will not have extra gravel and pebbles.Now that you know how to make artificial waterfall own hands.In fact, it's easy.The main thing - to show imagination and come up to the creative process.

Artificial waterfall in the apartment

Perhaps someone will surprise a design decision, but today it is not uncommon.Many owners of spacious apartments can afford such a pleasure.We do not knowingly emphasized the word "spacious".Small apartment artificial waterfall did not adorn.Therefore, decided to create a waterfall in the apartment, arrange it in a very large room.

Waterfalls "glassĀ»

This is the most common form of them.Such artificial waterfalls look very elegant and air.In such constructions stream flowing on a perfectly flat glass surface.This waterfall is appropriate even in a small room.Often it is used to separate the room into functional areas.

to raise water to a height of two meters, the maximum required pump power - 30 watts.

to a waterfall was visible in the dark, decorate it special illumination.This creates the room a special, unique atmosphere.

the rear wall can be issued in the form of an aquarium, landscape and so on. D. You can use the Desktop.

Ink waterfalls

Such structures are used not only in residential areas, but also in the office.In this case, the water streams do not generate spatter due to the particular technology for which they are at a distance from each other.

artificial waterfall with their hands

First of all you need a small pool (the size that suits you).It will take a fine foam structure, the special cloth and epoxy resin and hardener.

start making artificial stones.Cut sheets of foam (preferably so that they are thicker) into fragments of different sizes.Do not try to make it very smoothly.The curves are the sections, the structure will be more natural.

Each foam "stone" in addition to be treated with a knife.They need to make a recess, cracks, nadkoly.

Now all received "stones" should be tightly wound with fiberglass, the ends of which may be staple staples staple gun.Surplus cut.It is noteworthy that creating artificial waterfalls with their hands, you need to show the accuracy and patience.On how carefully you prepare all the elements will depend on the general form of the structure.

now all "stones" to be treated with epoxy resin, after mixing it with a hardener.Carefully paint them on all sides.Make sure that the fabric is well soaked.

When the "stones" are completely dry, begin to build a "rock."Put them in a random order according to what you tell a fantasy, and glue them with epoxy.

finished the construction of the color ink cartridge.Upstairs make a small inconspicuous hole from which water will drain.You can decorate the shells.The hose of the pool, slide up into the hole.Below it should be connected to the pump.It is desirable that it was silent as to the aquarium.Outside pool overlaid with artificial stone.

We are sure that you will be satisfied with his creation.

artificial waterfalls (photo you can see in this article) will give your site or apartment a special flavor and originality, and by his own hands will be doubly pleased.