The modern design of the narrow entrance hall (photo)

into use for a long time the Russians entered the word "entrance", as it most clearly reflects the purpose of the space between the front door to the house and rooms.There are also other names of the place: "Hall", "front" or just a "corridor".All of these little words are applicable for most small Russian apartments.

Hallway in Russian apartments

Hall includes a large space, which can easily accommodate guests before the event.Southwest used to be called the place where the waiters neatly hung hats and coats gentlemen.Little narrow hallway, so common in the apartments, as a rule, immediately goes into the corridor.Therefore, the design of this part of the house should be given special attention.

come to visit, a man always gets first into the hallway.It just should show the mood of residents, their interests and hobbies.In addition, the hall has a great functional value, since in its territory stored clothes and shoes tenants.

most often in Russian apartments for these purposes are assigned s

mall space.The design of a narrow hallway provides the optimal location in it all the necessary items and matching interior a certain style.

Featured items interior hallway

1. A small table, ottoman or other soft seat for removing shoes.

2. Hanger seasonal outerwear with multiple hooks.

3. Place for shoes.It is advisable to equip the shelves for storing clean, dry shoes and grille for wet rubber boots.

4. A large elongated mirror.The ideal option is its placement on the front door, this option allows to evaluate its appearance just before going out.

5. storage cabinet seasonal outdoor clothes and footwear.It is best suited for this purpose niches with sliding doors.

6. Zontovnitsy appropriate only in a fairly spacious hallways.The modern design of the narrow space may not be the subject of the interior.

7. chest or cabinet for storing small items such as mittens, gloves, scarves or keys.Small knitted or crocheted hats can also be stored in drawers.

8. A special place for bags and shopping bags.

The presence of all of these items will make the interior design of a narrow hallway in the apartment more functional and suitable for everyday use.

considered ideal square shape of the room, but it is very rare.Therefore, designers often use a variety of visual effects of expansion or increasing the height of the hall.

the visual shape changes hallway

In situations where the high ceilings in the apartment, in a narrow hallway creates the effect of "well".This room hosts and guests will feel uncomfortable.Proper design of ceilings in the hallway can make a difference for the better.It is enough to perform simple tricks.To reduce the height of the optic need to paint the upper walls of 30 cm in one color with the ceiling, in which case it would increase as the area.The remaining space can be used hallway at the request of the owners.The walls seem to be a little lower.

apartment owners are free to design the hall.Wallpapers with medium-sized pattern make it more spacious.To expand the space along the walls should be placed objects with reflective surfaces, such as cabinets with mirrors or glossy inserts.To strengthen this effect will help the matte paint on vertical surfaces.More space appears in spaces with translucent furniture.For example, the light texture of the chest or chair legs perfectly cope with this task.

Design hallway long, narrow, with a small height should have a ceiling with a glossy surface and small lamps.On the wall is best to paste wallpaper with vertical stripes.

Features layout of narrow hallways

Before starting the repair in the hallway is necessary to pay attention to many small details that if not properly regulated can deliver constant inconvenience to tenants.

Entrance and interior doors at opening should not overlap each other.Otherwise, they will face and to leave each other scratches.It is advisable to book all the doors in the same style, it is the unifying element of the interior.

thickness of the walls is also important when ordering the doors.In the store it is necessary to ask the consultant to show how it will look in a box assembled.

If possible, it is better to immediately schedule a warm floor in the hallway.This will help get rid of the puddles under the shoes in the fall and spring seasons.In winter, a warm floor nice legs up after returning from the cold.The heated surface is minimal help to dry soaked shoes.

Properties and masking rosettes meters in a narrow hallway

may seem that sockets are not needed in the hallway.But it is not.They are better placed than most prominently.They may need to include drying shoe cleaner or detergent for cleaning.

often near the front door of the apartment is electricity meter tube intercom and alarm unit.All these devices can be closed by a decorative niche plasterboard.It is sufficient to calculate in advance the location of each block.Access to devices can be provided through the door.

recommendations for placement of objects in the narrow hallway

Option narrow long hallway is the most difficult to place objects.The design of the hall with your hands must be made with respect to the front door.Typically, the space on one side of it more than the other.At the widest part of the wall from the door, is better positioned obuvnitsu, then a wardrobe and chest of drawers.In this case, at the entrance to the apartment will not create a sense of the narrow space.

more narrow part of the wall is better to leave without furniture and place it in the mirror.If this is not possible, it can be installed underneath a small narrow bedside table or a table.

It should be borne in mind that the depth of all the furniture in the narrow hallway should not be more than 60 cm. Obuvnitsa and dresser must not protrude from the wall more than 45 cm.

mistake many tenants prefer to make design hallway with his hands,It is the placement of the wardrobe near the front door.In this situation, the simultaneous arrival of the two guests will be very uncomfortable for them, as both take off your shoes will be impossible.Location deep in the middle of the corridor the cabinet is also erroneous.The large size of the subject can cause permanent injuries tenants.

Features lighting narrow hallways

come into the house, we just want to be in an atmosphere of warmth and coziness.Such a situation can be created using lighting.For example, the best solution is a light above the cabinet, small light bulbs will not be evident, but in the hallway would be nice.

Also do not forget about the area around the mirror.Women love lipstick before going out, so the lighting of this part of the space is also required.The design of a narrow hallway corridor must necessarily take into account the fact that in this part of the apartment is rarely natural light.This suggests the need for installation of local devices.The cabinet should be placed special lamps are included by clicking on them.Only in this way can find the necessary things.

Design narrow hallway it assumes uniform lighting.When inclusion of all elements should not create shadows from each other.The switches should be placed close to the door, it is convenient at the entrance to the room in the dark.

Design narrow hallway in country style

atmosphere of warmth and hospitality, typical of many owners apartments, perfectly revealed in the entrance hall, decorated in a country style.Simple rustic interior with furniture made from natural materials of light tones become a good solution for a small space.

Design narrow hallway can vary wallpaper with floral themes.The lower part of the wall for plaster or natural stone.Artificially aged surface will add a vintage style in the interior.

Design ceiling in the hallway should not contain multi-level designs and modern lighting.It is better for him to use wooden decorative beams of light shades.

design hall in oriental style

East luxury does not provide rough shapes and darkest colors.It is always the result of hard work of the designer to fill the space with numerous details, aesthetically pleasing.

This style is suitable for a narrow hallway, as devoid of brutal attributes.Thin legs twisted seats and stand for shoes can expand the space.Using multiple mirrors and a good lighting will help make a place at the front door lighter.

Design narrow hallway in an apartment in oriental style may seem too bright.In this case, you can only use it the most suitable items.For example, set the furniture in the hallway light neutral colors and bright elements to complement it in a vase, pillow or a padded stools frame mirror with characteristic patterns.

French Style in the hallway

restrained shades of furniture, unobtrusive patterns and soft lines make up the main features of the French style.This hall is suitable calm owners, who often come to visit.The walls of the room may be covered with paint.Another option is the design taping white, lilac or pale green wallpaper with a small figure.

Design narrow corridor hallway should not contain sharp edges and clear geometric forms.The best option would be for the French model of the chest on thin legs.This applies to the cabinet and stand for shoes.

All the small details of the interior should be imbued with the spirit of luxury and style.

narrow hall in classic style.Distinctive features

Entrance hall in classic style is a versatile option for many of the apartments.This is easily explained by the combination of the Interior with the situation in other rooms and the kitchen.The design of a narrow hallway in the panel house is characterized by the fact that the walls in this room can be uneven.It can be advantageous to use, erecting a wall cabinet or a shelf for storage of scarves.

It should be borne in mind that in the classical style characterized by the use of only natural materials and colors.Wardrobe can be entirely of wood on the floor parquet necessarily.The colors in this hallway is always restrained, such as beige, brown or chocolate.

not necessary to save on furniture accessories.Handles cabinets and racks should be of high quality metal.Over time, with them will not mar the paint.The classic design of the narrow hallway just talking about the status of the hosts.

Hallway in a minimalist style

name of this style speaks for itself.In this hallway is no place for superfluous detail and unnecessary adornments.Here are all concise and functional.

From furniture in this hall are only a chest of drawers and a wardrobe.There may be a small stand for shoes.But modern design in this space provides a large number of mirrors.In the narrow corridor is especially important.

Thus, even the most inconspicuous entrance hall can be transformed into a pleasant place, using a variety of methods, techniques and styles.