Options panels for kitchen

empty walls in the kitchen, even frightening monotony.To avoid this, they need something to draw.Decorative panels for kitchen, photos of which can be seen in this article, will be an original and affordable decoration and can fit in every interior.If we talk about the design of the work area to its creation should be approached responsibly, as the material for finishing must be resistant to stress and quite practical.

Panel Kitchen place not only in the work area.Every wall can be issued free of textile panels, which portrays a fabulous flowers or simulates frescoes.The dining area is well fit the picture of coffee beans.Decorative composition can be made of any material, most importantly, choose the desired theme.

Panels on the apron for the kitchen

Most often used as a decorative element adorning the walls of the room for several millennia.Kitchens are decorated with exquisite murals, look particularly comfortable and stylish, informing guests about the delicate taste of the homeowner.Panel Ki

tchen is selected from those materials which are easy to clean, because this room is accumulated a lot of dirt and grease.

Most popular classical subjects: still life of vegetables, juicy fruits, seafood.Panels with vegetable or rural motifs, patterns, sea coast, panorama of the city, coffee cups, kitchen utensils, various animals or glasses of wine and have a success among fans of this kind of decoration.Pretty impressive, these images appear in 3-D.

Glass panels

At the moment when you make a wall between wall cabinets and countertop become increasingly popular glass.This is not surprising, as it has many advantages over other materials:

  • easy to clean because of the lack of seams;
  • minimal maintenance;
  • the possibility of applying any cleaning products;
  • resistance to damage;
  • high strength material;
  • resistance to temperature fluctuations;
  • hygiene - not multiply on the surface of the fungus and mold;
  • easy installation.

material for the production of panels for the kitchen is a tempered glass or acrylic.The image is applied to it by means of techniques that are used for the decoration of glass: filler and film stained glass technique, photo printing, painting, sandblasting, fusing and Tiffany technique.Consequently, the scope for design ideas unusually wide.Glass panels look elegant, unusual and stylish.

ceramic panels

Today, ceramics is a very popular material that is used for finishing the kitchen work area.It does not lose its popularity for several centuries.Many manufacturers make the ceramic mural for the kitchen the most different geometrical shapes and sizes.

Volume panels using a special tiles look very impressive.It is possible to create the illusion of a beautiful painting in the style of the bas-relief.It is also a small kitchen in the room will look perfect facsimile or the prospect of an entire wall that visually expand the space.Very popular motifs are drawings with classical ornament, rural and floral motifs, images of vegetables, fruit, cooking utensils and animals.


apron in the kitchen, the mosaic looks very harmonious.It is suitable for a room decorated entirely in any style.If panels of tiles in the kitchen to consider in terms of basic design solutions, then absent any limitations.Mosaic looks luxurious, and therefore acquires enormous popularity in recent years.Large color palette makes it possible to perform a three-dimensional image, visually enlarge the space and create an interesting kitchen design, a photo of which is presented in this article.

boxes of tissue

dining area can be decorated with panels created from fabric.On canvas or a drawing application, and then attached to the base frame.Basically, the creation of such compositions using environmentally friendly, natural materials, consequently, like a work of art does not provide health any negative effect.In addition, the panels on the basis of the fabric is a fairly practical solution, since it is possible to clean it.The main thing - is to take into account that the composition fit the overall design of the kitchen, which you can see the photos in the article above.

boxes of coffee beans

Originally will look like simple geometrical composition: the figure can be put on paper and pasted grains.This panel is not only decorate the kitchen, but also fill the room exquisitely subtle coffee aroma.

boxes of photos

Walls can be decorated with an original mural for the kitchen: Put the story from different photos and combine them with one frame.The photo may show interesting landscapes, pictures of friends and relatives or the pictures on the culinary theme.Fantastic View photos sepia.

photo tiles

Where more modern solution is to use photo tiles in the kitchen.Through the use of special technology you'll have to print on it lyubmye photos.Such panels of tiles on the kitchen pretty practical solution, since in this case it can be placed safely even in the area of ​​the kitchen apron.