Placement of furniture in a studio apartment: interesting ideas, rules and expert advice

Placement of furniture in a studio apartment - a difficult task for the owners.In this type of housing one single room is multifunctional: it and the bedroom and living room, and dining room, and sometimes even children.Because it is important to initially select the most ergonomic cabinets and sofas, cabinets and tables that will not clutter the space and still be able to perform many useful functions.And now we have a detailed look at how to beat the one-room apartment, photos and plans are approximate cite as illustrative examples.

plan as a preface

If your disposal is a "odnushka" old style in its original form, it is desirable, of course, to reschedule it.If you're a little to expand the boundaries of their homes, the placement of furniture in a studio apartment will not be megaslozhnoy task for you.It is necessary to proceed from the fact, how many people live in the area.If there is one tenant, the problems with the design of the apartment will not be exact.When there lives a family consistin

g of two or more people, you have to divide the space into zones, so that everyone can have their own area.Note that in the case of redevelopment areas kitchen, bathroom and hallway can be reduced.Those square footage that you take away from them, go into the family room, thereby increasing its footage.Also, do not forget that the redevelopment involves the demolition of the old walls and the installation of new ones.Try to make them as thin (because they are internal) - it is also a positive impact on free space.

solve the problem with color

To the room, no matter how small, was comfortable and pleasant to live, it is not enough to know how to beat the one-room apartment.Photos that we see in magazines, everyone can show that the color of the walls of the furniture and fittings also has a huge impact on the perception of space.If you divide the room into several zones, consider the impact on the psyche of each tone, also takes into account the individual characteristics of your apartment.For example, the effect of beige and blue colors on the person about the same - calm.Therefore, if your room is a little light and heat, you choose beige, if sunny side - something blue.When the space is divided into two zones - adults and children, the first is best to paint the walls in yellow or green.The second part can be creamy or pale pink.

What should be the furniture in the house

After the transfer problem is solved and the displacement of walls, furniture arrangement begins in a studio apartment.Photos that are presented in this article demonstrate that each cabinet, each shelf has minimum dimensions, and they are multipurpose and versatile.Specifically, we note the following.Use closets.They can serve you not only as a repository for things, but also as an element that can divide the space into two zones.Put it to the edge of the wall, and you'll get another separate area in your home that can be arranged, for example, as a child.Next to the placement of furniture in a studio apartment has not led to the fact that the room would be cluttered, select those tables, chests of drawers and cabinets to be high.That is, the shelves and drawers in them will be placed one above the other, and not near that much space will free you.

Our Sleeps

Literate placement of furniture in a studio apartment - this is only half of our task.Levies as such items which will save space - that's the real art.In the previous chapter we have dealt with only one aspect - the cabinet, that being an ergonomic and roomy, also performs the function of the wall.Now let us consider in detail the most cherished point of any home - bed.So the bed should be spacious, home to feel comfortable and not bulky.Because, of course, a double bed, we go around the side and buy folding sofa.We draw your attention to the fact that the sofa should be a box - it will strengthen its functionality.The sleeping area can also be placed on the window sill.To do this, you need only the most warm window.And order the appropriate window sill - wide and long.

tables and bookshelves

For all accessories, papers, books and other small items were always in place and do not clutter the room, look at the built-in furniture.It shelves of various sizes, slides and secretaries.Opening, they form a table, a niche in which you can store anything.Buying such a headset, make sure that they were like you to color.Visually expand the boundaries of a small room, you can, if the built-in shelves are only a couple of different colors from the color of the walls.Also do not forget that the arrangement of furniture in a studio apartment affect the zoning, which we discussed above.Therefore, you should not have a built-in suite of the same wall as the couch.Highlight for him his space.

For a family with a child

little bit more of a challenge to placement of furniture in a studio apartment with a child.Photos of many examples from western magazines do not always fit into the framework of Russian small apartments, because there will have to improvise.Option One: toddler bed can hide in the closet.A very original and convenient solution in a similar situation.The second option: a two-story children's area.On the first floor can be a table, shelves for books, niche, and the second - cot.Also, instead of the table at the bottom of the cabinet can be placed.Please note that the child must be a corner - for toys or other items.Therefore select for him in front of a table or a bed zone and decorate it in the interests of his child.

When a child in a family of more than one

We've already covered some of the simplest options of how to arrange the furniture in a studio apartment.With a child, of course, live in a small footage is difficult, but what if the baby is not the only one in the family?And then there is a way, the main thing - properly choose furniture and intelligently place it in the free space.So, to begin to separate the children from their area.In order to make it the most functional, use outrigger niche.On their shelves you can store all the household items, books, souvenirs and even some children's clothes.For these niches will be located corner of your kids.The most important thing - it's bunk bed.Also note that under the lower tier should be boxes of clothes that you have not purchased for children one closet.The second mandatory element - built-in furniture.You should now have two small built-in desk (like a roller coaster), which will be a niche for toys and notebooks for each child.The gaming area is also divisible into two parts, depending on the preferences of kids.So we more or less sorted out, and how to arrange the furniture in a studio apartment.The children living in such conditions, of course, problematic, but still make it comfortable - is quite real.

If you Khrushev

especially small apartment we considered it Khrushchev.Across the country, many such housing, so many families are forced to live on just some few square meters where sometimes one closely.And now we look at how to arrange the furniture in a studio Khrushchev, and at the same time save at least just a little space.In this type of apartment there is one very small advantage - balcony.With proper repair it can be transformed into a loggia or even become part of the room, so do not miss this option.It can be placed on the balcony a work area or office.Do not forget to insulate it and install it to the built-in furniture.And that part of the room, which is located closer to the kitchen can become a bedroom.Be there a folding bed, and instead set the niche wall.Wardrobe set is not recommended, because the room is too dark.The living area is to the side of the room, which is closer to the exit.In Khrushchev


Of course, whatever you chose placement of furniture in a studio apartment-Khrushchev, still create a completely isolated area fail.Each of them will pass, because advance should be psychologically ready for this.So, it is best to place the child's sleeping area closer to the window.Thus there will get the maximum amount of light.It is important that at the same time were insulated window and balcony, which is behind him.In that part of the room, which is free, we will arrange the living room-bedroom.It is best to use a folding sofas, small corners, which can be transformed from small couches in the large double bed.Do not forget about the kitchen.It is advisable to add to its interior folding table.So when cooking hostess will not interfere with anything, and when the time comes to dining, the whole family can gather around the large table.Ergonomic shelves, which are vertical and not horizontal structure, and suitable for the bathroom.

Some general points

When furniture arrangement in the one-room apartments is also important to take into account some tricks.They are based on the visual perception of space.Visually expand the boundaries of any room, you can use the mirrors - this is a long time the well-known rule.Just need to place them wisely.For example, you can order furniture with a smooth front surface.The main thing that she wore as little as possible accessories and the surface was very smooth and consistent as possible.Of course, the idea with the dark tones for the walls, and furniture should be postponed indefinitely.Only light colors should be present in the interior of variation can only be between warm and cold.


options for placement of furniture and decorative elements in the one-bedroom apartments, there are many.You can choose as a normal furniture, rassovyvaya it at different angles, and a built-in, which greatly improve the perception of the interior and make the room more spacious.The main thing - is to deal with the beds, because they occupy the most space.Well, the rest rely on the experience of designers and craftsmen to his own imagination.