Mirrored ceiling: photo.

Everyone who thinks about the repairs to her house, sooner or later face the question of what material to make a ceiling in a particular room.Today, their choice is quite large, but in this article we would like to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of mirror ceilings.

plastic mirror panels

Mirror suspended ceilings are made of different materials.The simplest and cheapest material is considered to be plastic panels covered with reflective film.Such material may be produced in the form of flexible square plates and strips with a glossy coating.Fastened to the ceiling by means of glue or cement.In rare cases, the use of screws.

Such mirrored ceilings require careful surface preparation.If you do not, the reflection can be distorted.Manufacturers of plastic panels do not recommend they be installed in areas where high possibility of a fire hazard.Furthermore, it should abandon the spotlights - they are flammable materials.According to experts, the most wear-resistant and durable mirrored ceil

ing is made of acrylic.The level of reflection of this design is 98%, it is not afraid of changes in temperature, it is light.The material is available in rolls, so the surface can be obtained by seamless and perfectly flat.

mirror tiles on the ceiling, along with the benefits, has some disadvantages:

  • surface does not hiding spots, especially if the coverage is complete.After hitting the water and its complete drying on the ceiling will remain clearly visible traces.Get rid of them only by means of special funds.
  • installation of glass panels requires accuracy, as it is quite brittle material.
  • necessity of surface preparation.

aluminum panels

often mirrored ceilings are made of slats.For this purpose, a special material, which is deposited on a special layer, which gives the surface of the reflection effect.This mirrored ceiling is lightweight and high strength.

Mirror suspended ceiling

This method is versatile finishing - gloss finish complements any design project.Mirror suspended ceiling has a number of advantages:

  • visually increases the height;
  • does not need complex care;
  • hardly reduces the height of the room;
  • not afraid of water.

To use profiles when installing mirrored ceiling enough to retreat from 40-50 mm height of the room.The surface does not require special preparation.

mirrored ceiling in the bathroom

This type of ceiling coverings already quite widespread.The bathroom ceilings are used to increase the visual space, improving lighting in a small room.

should be noted that in this room, you can mount any type of ceiling - rack, tile, stretch.However, judging by the reviews of the owners, the ceilings with a smooth surface is not very practical in this room because of the high humidity.

mirrored ceiling is simply necessary in a small room (such as, say, Khrushchev in the bathroom).This design will make the room visually larger, higher.You will no longer feel the pressure in her walls and ceiling.

mirrored ceiling in the bathroom fit for any interior.For example, a high-tech style can pick up a mirror of various sizes, a very unusual location.

Choose a color

Mirrored ceiling can have different shades - malachite, steel, turquoise, pink.It is also very interesting to look ceilings, combining several colors.

can install and mirrors with a pattern or facet.Figure is applied to the mirror with beveled edge.In this case, the light beam appears refracted rainbow effect.Figure depends entirely on the wishes of the customer.

Coloured and are curved mirror facet.


There are several ways to mount mirror ceilings.

The panels are mounted on special floors, which are mounted to the ceiling.Pre-ceiling plaster, shpatljujut.The panels are fixed with screws, which are decorated caps.

aluminum (or steel) rails are attached to the concrete ceiling.Such a system is an aluminum suspension beams, which are attached to the rail.

Stretch ceilings are installed on the frame.

Important details

to maximize the properties of the mirror of PVC, it is necessary to pay attention to the following factors:

  • as darkening the color reflection properties increases (reflected in the contrasting darker surfaces);
  • to visually expand the space, it is better to use light colors;
  • mirrored ceiling allows zoned space (such as a dining area).

Choosing Ceiling Floor, explore sites of companies offering this material, vote their portfolio and customer feedback.


most well-known manufacturers guarantee the operation of their ceilings for 10 years.Reviews owners confirm this.Moreover, many claim that with proper care mirrored ceiling, a photo which you can see in this article, can last up to 15 years.

Ceilings "Armstrong"

products of this brand is well known in the Russian market.Mirrored ceiling of "Armstrong" - one of the most popular in our country.His foundation slabs are created on a simple technology - perlite, starch, mineral fiber, sometimes paper and water.This mass is sent to the assembly line where prepared by compressing plates themselves.The next step is the manufacture of drying, cleaning.On the finished boards are applied drawing or foil coating.This ceiling is not the most expensive.Many have found it a perfect combination of "price + quality."

ceiling What is best?

answer this question clearly impossible.The reasons for this are many - the preferences and financial capabilities of the customer's premises, which will be mounted on the ceiling (its size, height, lighting).According to statistics, in the world rankings in the lead-adhesive mirrored panels, which are made on the basis of polystyrene.Such a material is produced not only in the form of panels, but in the rolls.The last option before using needs "rest" (linoleum).Stick web can be easier and faster than the panels.

in Russia is very popular rack ceiling.He is good in public buildings, and in living rooms - bathrooms, kitchens, bathrooms.

mirrored ceiling - a new, rapidly developing field of modern design.Today it is not ideal.But we can already say with certainty that such a design element will be the highlight of the house, when properly installed and used.