Children's bedroom in kindergarten: design ideas

Many children attend year-round preschool - kindergarten.Meanwhile, every year during the summer administration of the institution planned to repair.

If you think about the children attending kindergarten, feed your emotional state from the surrounding interior.Therefore, neither teachers nor parents do not belong to similar events as a form of compulsory actions, which "somehow" is over.

for a child at this age sleep - one of the main health indicators.Therefore, the main venue will not be a play area and a children's bedroom in kindergarten.

Times are changing: for the children fantasize

In times of shortage children's bedroom in the kindergarten - a creative space without finishing material and textiles, Soviet kids closed their eyes for stuccoed ceilings and painted walls.

today exchanged views not only on the choice of finishing materials, but also changed colors.A huge number of creative people rushed to the design of the bedrooms in kindergartens.As recognized designers, the child is v

ery sensitive connoisseur of the beautiful surroundings.In this spirit, the parents try to create a personal order.

creative spirit and inspiration

finances are not always a major factor in achieving the desired interior and comfort.

Some things, projects made taking into account the wishes of the child will look much better in the bedroom the boys.In addition, there are certain criteria that must be met for a bedroom in a kindergarten (photo hereinafter).

color palette to mix smoothly, without sudden changes.Do not let the bright flashy colors and contrasts.When you focus on annoying cell eventually kiddies will be very hard to sleep.

to the wall is not "shouted»

Making bedrooms in kindergartens - a creative process.The finishing work can use washable wallpaper, paint for interior pastel colors.Version with painting is convenient in that the interior can be quickly and easily changed at any time.Water based less toxic.With proper selection of the type of wallpaper, you can also refresh them by painting a room in the new color.

In terms of background color proceed from the general rules.Deep red color used in the bedrooms of adults but not in children.I do not think that is appropriate to be white, even if it's a bedroom.Design in kindergarten allows for bright colors, but not faceless.Recent research psychologists have found that pure black and white can make a person "visual deprivation."Particularly susceptible to such stress our kids.Against this background, they start to chase the feeling of oppression and lethargy.

Experts do not oppose specific colors, they offer change in intensity depending on the application.

As a result, the repair's main objective - quality sleep and a positive mood.Therefore, set the correct installation of child's body will help the following solution: a children's bedroom in the kindergarten is made in combination of two or more colors.

One wall, which is a minor, can be bright orange or yellow-red.The party, which fall children's views, the main - it should be done in soft pastel colors.

Nobody prevents "switch" with a brush and paints on the floor and the ceiling.Walking with a brush on the surface, not necessarily adhere to strict color trends and Equal geometric proportions.

Tale in the children's bedroom

In the dream happen most incredible things: an apple is blue, the cat - green, the sun - with a smile.

kids, tuning in to a nap, think out what he saw with his eyes closed fairy tale.

very gently introduce decoration bedroom in kindergarten.All surge fantasy (teachers, designers, parents) to vent in the play area, where the "raging" children's creativity and development.

In the area of ​​peace and sleep walls painted in a dedicated room style: the harmony of peace and comfort.Looking gentle and cute scenes and landscapes that will help your child to calm down.

smiles on the walls "promise" sweet dreams."Interesting," a children's bedroom in kindergarten useful preschoolers any age.Very impressed friendly produce muzzles (giraffes, monkeys, lion cubs and other animals, fairy-tale characters) for the kids in yaselkah.

In the absence of the possibility to draw on their own or invite the artist to decorate a bedroom in a kindergarten helps large stencil.

In a short time there will be on hand with an asterisk, the flowers, the original figures.This simple technique is easy to interrupt the monotonous mood of the room.

not beat the color of

If the job includes sophisticated colors - olive, or gray-green paint (such as residues from the previous design), must be approached very carefully in addition to the general background of the bedroom.Dilution of white paint, so to say, to reduce the clear expression "thought", will help keep the softness and lightness of the visual atmosphere.

Furniture - continued decor

If the play area can be supplemented with visual aids, toys, play materials, especially the bedroom, "beat" nothing.It is a place where there is no need to fill furniture.Besides beds, bedside tables are allowed and chairs to accommodate the child's personal belongings (clothes, hair clips, combs) at bedtime.

express creative design of these elements in the decor to help these positions: functional, interesting harmony.

functionality is expressed in the maximum use of the entire space.We should not forget about the individual passages for the children.

With a minimum set of furniture all the power of imagination, you can splash out on a cot.The kids eagerly jump on the bed in the form of a car to "go" and find an interesting dream.After the "trip" you can ask the children to portray seen dreams on paper.

saves space

Originally looks combination of furniture accessories - cabinet-chair.Another interesting decision to use some pre-schools in the regeneration of the bedrooms.Beds are designed as two-, three-tier racks that fold compactly while awake children.Frame transformer is going to "accordion", taking the final version of a vertical form.

Folded it can be hidden in a special cupboard or just to fix the wall.The collapsible ("working") position bed has a ladder to lift the child, whose place is at the top.This method of saving space is best suited for the older group of pupils.A good option would be pull-out beds.

furniture, as well as all that is in the room for the children to be safe.With the variety of sketches and decor of this rule relates to the design and assembly of the material from which it is made.

Particular care must be approached in the selection for cots in the nursery.Toddlers still quite silly and can bite, lick frame furniture.In this case it is better to do the rule: simple, but reliable.

cots surface must not contain lacquer coatings and chemical impregnation.

cloth - ample room for creativity

not the last word in the design of 'say' textiles.Beautiful material - decoration bedroom in kindergarten, the addition of the idea of ​​a given style.

No bed is complete without bedding.Bedding - it is also an occasion to transform the bedroom.But choose the fabric is not screaming format.There should be no aggression.It is better to stick to a quiet figure.

to sleep "is not cleared»

curtains can beat any room design.They create a complete overall appearance of the room.

from natural light sleep will save kids curtains of dense material.Fabric occlude from the bright summer sun.

Lighting for the child's bedroom should not be bright glare.By and large, they're useless.It may be muted lamps or spotlights false ceiling.

Some rules for the selection of curtains

Warm and soft tone will prepare the baby to sleep.Admitted to the bedroom curtains kindergarten with small images.This application may be, folds, combination of tissues.If you violate the harmony of colors very easily turn into an aggressive tone calm palette.The main thing when choosing a color curtain - not "shout" the overall style.

material quality, ease of care during the operation, the color - these are the main factors when buying curtains.

fabric plays an important role in visual perception when it comes to decorating the nursery.Do not take scrim questionable production.In addition it can trigger allergies in children, after a few washes the color and texture of the "float away".

is best suited cotton, silk or batiste.

Curtains - the best helper decorating.Create a feeling of airiness and lightness is very simple.It is enough to choose the right material, ready to hang curtains, hang them in the free position, fastened with satin ribbon in the middle, or left in the expanded form.

Also design solutions, there are mandatory standards for furniture placement.For example, it is prohibited to put the bed from heating devices.In order to prevent colds during the quiet hours of the vents should be closed.Aeration is done before placing the child in the crib.

Selecting any finishing material to remember about the safety of children, then every day in kindergarten will be a celebration.