In ancient times, this bush attributed miraculous properties.He helped people discover treasures, eliminated many diseases and stopped the fire.It was said, as a giver of new life.Experts say that all of these properties hazelnuts got an ulterior motive.In the old days, when people learned the crop failures, many have stocked these nutritious foods for the future and wintered pretty hearty thanks to them.Even in modern times the most popular remain hazelnuts.

on the territory of our vast country is widespread the bush.In a very elegant cup of leaves on several pieces arranged fruit.The weight of vitamins, trace elements and other useful substances for the human body contains a hazelnut.Hazel as it is popularly called, is a genuine Russian product.Since ancient times, picking up the baskets, the whole family went to collect it.

This shrub can be quite high and reach a height of four to five meters.There are many varieties, but the fruits are always similar in their properties, they are tasty, nutrit

ious and healthy.Hazelnuts contain a lot of protein, oil and sucrose.In the cortex there is alcohol, tannins and essential oil.Many people love chocolate, sweets and halva from this delicious delicacy.But not everyone knows that this product helps to increase the amount of milk in nursing mothers, improves blood and cures anemia.This high-calorie and high-protein product, so it is ideal for recovery after surgeries and various serious diseases.

Surprisingly, one of the most unpretentious of trees for planting on his plot is just a hazelnut.Hazel frost resistant and can withstand negative temperatures even up to fifty degrees.She is not afraid of any pests and diseases, but it needs only soils containing lime, fertilizers, moist, loamy or sandy loam.This culture is very bad tolerate drought and too light or too heavy and dense soil moisture passing and bad air.

Growing hazelnut - not too time-consuming process, but if you know a few basic rules, it will bring you only joy, and soon the first fruits are very tasty.When buying, choose plants over the age of two.It is desirable that the plant was four years old and more, then it is quickly mastered.Experienced gardeners recommend you to acquire several different varieties of trees for better cross-pollination.Hazelnuts planted in the fall, in October or November.

First we need to choose a place to land.Bush requires a minimum area of ​​four square meters, do not forget that it will soon grow and become strong.In the center of the allocated area dig the hole a little deeper, and the total length of the root to plant.Be sure to cut off its aerial parts, at the time of the winter it is not needed, and the root will be easier to harden.It is important to make fertilizer.Loosen the earth and remove all weeds.In the entire area, and especially in the root zone scatter at least twenty kilograms of humus, dry mineral fertilizers, and in the beginning of May, be sure to loosen the ground and add no more than a hundred grams nitrophosphate, and urea.

During the growing season is necessary to fertilize shrubs twice - in spring and autumn.In autumn, you can buy ready-made nitrogen-free fertilizer, and apply at the rate of two hundred to two hundred and fifty grams per bush.To harvest was really rich, hazelnut cultivation should include mandatory spraying of growth stimulants before and after flowering.Gardeners recommend the use of natural stimulants such as "bud" and "energy."Spraying is carried out every two weeks and ends with the last harvest after harvest.

Experts say that the most useful nuts - those ripped off, cleaned and eaten on the same day.Without containment, they lose a lot of its beneficial properties, so the best would be a nut, grown in their own garden plot.