Early varieties of tomatoes

early varieties of tomatoes planted in 17-20 days earlier than others.Landing potted seedlings 60 days of age is carried out in a well-fertilized soil in early May or late April.The site must be prepared in advance, even in the fall.It must be irrigated, to be protected from the winds and fertilized.Early varieties of tomato yield good crops when applied to the soil rotted manure and fertilizers such as potassium salt, superphosphate, urea.The key to high early crop of tomatoes is high quality seedlings, age 62-65 days of the first blossoms brush.Grow seedlings in pots is best to size 10 * 10cm.

To most delicious varieties of tomatoes gave good yields, it is necessary to apply the whole range of agricultural activities.It is important, first of all, to choose early varieties and ripening of tomatoes.The most common varieties are maturing Morning, Dawn, Kiev 139.
fruits of these varieties are large, smooth and rounded, and use them for
processing and fresh.Varieties of tomatoes for canning
better choose small size.It should be borne in mind that the sweetest tomatoes
obtained without irrigation.Experienced gardeners are advised to restrict all
good watering during the landing.

Early varieties of tomatoes are very demanding to moisture, so loosening the soil can improve the condition of the plant with a shortage of moisture.It is important to bear in mind that an excess of organic fertilizers can be especially dangerous when lack of moisture.To accelerate the formation of fruits and rapid maturation pasynkovanie applied.

One of the main methods for the prevention of infection of tomato phytophthora is tying the plants to stakes and the formation of plants in 1-2 stalk.At the plant is necessary to gradually remove the lower leaves so that between the leaves and the ground remained period of 20-23 cm.
Such agrotechnical methods is a good prevention of fungal diseases of tomato.The stems of the plants must be kept dry, well-lighted.Remove the lower leaves should be carried out gradually.When the leaves with symptoms of late blight should immediately cut.The vegetation period in different varieties may be very different, according to this criterion are divided into varieties of medium, and middle-ripening.In a period of medium varieties from germination to maturity of tomatoes and is more than 120 days, middle-- 110-125 days, ripening 90 days.

most popular varieties of early varieties of tomatoes:

1. Waterfall - early variety, which is grown under a film cover.The height of the bush is 85-100sm, the yield is 7-8 kg per square meter.The fruits are small, very sweet, glossy and smooth.Sort Falls is ideal for canning.

2. Ilyich - excellent taste high yielding variety.Resistant to diseases, suitable for canning.

3. Search - early maturing new hybrid tomato.Resistant to diseases, Bush height - 100 cm. The plant is formed in the stem 2-3.

4. Alpatieva 905a - early maturing variety with shrub height of 60 cm. The fruits are used for making juice and fresh.

5. De Barao - Class undemanding to growing conditions, resistant to disease.Sowing tomato seedlings spend two weeks earlier than other varieties.Rostenie form 1 stalk.To obtain a high yield De Barao require enhanced fertilization.Fruiting plants up to the frost.The fruits are very similar elongated plum colored, have a weight of 65-70 g and perfect for canning.The variety is grown mainly in greenhouses.

6. Hybrid Ivanhoe F1 - a brand new salad varieties.The fruit on the bush
look like bunches of grapes.Tomatoes are round, slightly flattened shape.