Proper planting dahlia

for gardeners, even the novice grown flowers own work are of particular value.Bright and beautiful, radiating throughout the area its unique flavor, they warm the heart and delight the eye, alternately one after another in the garden and in the vase on the table of country house.However, the flower bed, his blazing raznotsvetem for any gardener can serve not only the epitome of beauty and harmony, but also embodied the proof of the huge and successful work, the result of which it can be justifiably proud.You can, of course, to challenge, but, in my opinion, most grateful for the care of plants can be regarded as dahlias.Not only do different varieties of this flower there are so many, and the size of its stem range from 30 cm to 2 m, the plant often pleases the most varied colors colors petals and form a mature bud.Besides Dahlia does not require special attention and is very resistant to our changeable weather, which is particularly important for the novice grower.

At first, I would like to draw atte

ntion to such an important event, as is the planting dahlias.In this part of growing flowers, there are several issues the solution of which depends on the final result.Of particular importance in this case takes the choice of places will be planting dahlias.Of course, most gardeners are selected for the location of the flower beds plot of land somewhere under the windows of the house or near the main entrance of the building.But in this case, first of all, you should be concerned about the most suitable conditions for the plants themselves, and for them it is best to grow at a relatively flat area of ​​soil or uncool slope facing to the south or south-easterly direction.Only under these conditions, the flower will get the right amount of sunlight.The main thing that the place was not forthcoming landing in a valley or ravine soil relief.In this case, it will be impossible to save the plant from spring frosts and cold air, always gather in these places.Please note that next to the flowerbed staked did not grow tall trees that can cast a shadow over much of the flowers growing daylight.

Planting dahlias in most cases carried out in the second half of May, but in more southern latitudes tentative date for planting is considered to be the landing of potatoes.But this criterion in the choice of time landing in the open ground is not mandatory.In any case, the timing of when to plant dahlias, gardener chooses their own, depending on the onset of heat.This is done only when it is possible to completely eliminate the appearance of frost on the ground.Cultivating planting material begin no later than a month before the expected landing in the open ground.

quality professional planting dahlia is only possible with a good planting material.In this case, the choice is a gardener.If you intend planting dahlia seeds, nurture the seed tubers need to advance in special peat pots under greenhouse conditions.However, trade has nurtured a lot of dahlia tubers ready for planting directly in the open ground.At first, prepare the holes for planting the tubers in advance to supply each of them peg length corresponding to the height of a mature plant.Tubers Flower rhizome should be placed in the final pit at a depth of not less than 5-8 cm. But when it comes to the seedlings in peat pots, then the depth of the bottom of his position in the soil should reach no less than 10-12 centimeters.Flowers in the garden should be distributed in such a way that their separation distance of 60 cm. After the landing with your fingers or palms of hands firm the soil around the planted sprout and abundantly pour it with water.If enough plants stalk rising above the ground, tie it to a peg to wind or rain could not break it.It remains only to grow the natural beauty and the joy of your neighbors.