Primrose Garden.

«Pimpernel" - this name belongs to Primrose, despite the fact that there are flowering before other plants.They brighten meadows, gardens and parks corners gentle golden-yellow flowers.Most primroses - the modest plant with small flowers.Yet they are called "Little Sheep" because of the shape of young leaves and the "Key" because of the inflorescences, resembling a bunch of keys.

Medicinal flower all ills primrose was considered since ancient times.It was called the flower of the gods 12.And in many countries, it involves a lot of beautiful legends glorifying its healing power and beauty.And not without reason.After all, only one leaf primrose able to fill the human body daily requirement for vitamin C, which is important for anemia and exhaustion.In Russia it was the flower spirits and health.

In nature, we can count about 550 species of primrose - in general, undemanding plants to the growing environment.But this flower prefers slight shade as wither in the hot summer sun.

Today interest primros

e garden, which is decorated with various types of country houses, courtyards, manicured parks and gardens.This flower attracts the eyes of its delicate color and is a highlight of any garden.

In late April, the first delicate flower garden pink primrose pleases.It blooms earlier than others.And the flowers appear even before you can see the first leaves.The plant requires a careful attitude, as fears of drought.In the dry season must be periodically watered the flowers that will be ornament flowerbeds before flowering perennials.

Later, in early May, blooming primrose garden Průhonice, whose leaves are small and wrinkled during the flowering plants, and often painted in purple.This flower grows sod up to 10 centimeters.He is attractive, first of all, the bright colors and shades of non-transferable.

In mid-May bloom other garden flowers - Primula denticulate.Unusual, rolled spirals she leaves appear in early spring.The length of the peduncle from this type of plant can be up to 40 centimeters.This type requires periodic watering.

mid-May - a peak of flowering, when a special charm delight garden flowers.Primula polyanthus blooms riotous color, becoming the main decoration of the gardens.A distinctive feature of the flowers are large, up to 8 cm in diameter, while the height of the peduncle up to 30 centimeters.

blooms in late May and pleases eyes flower garden primrose Siebold, who is already without leaves somewhere in the middle of the flowering period.But he did very well and grows two weeks transforms a place of spectacular growth in the lushly blooming carpet.This plant is suitable wet and shaded area of ​​the garden.

In late June, begins to bloom giant primrose garden.She has strong roots to withstand meter honey plants.It grows best on moist soils.Some bloom in tiers, others have a bell-shaped flower stalks, but they all necessarily large tender leaves.

In England, there are fan clubs auricular - a flower garden primrose Ushkova having evergreen, bluish, smooth and fleshy leaves.The stem of this plant species have thick and luxuriant, and at the ends of stems are numerous floral rosettes.

subject of dreams for many gardeners are double primroses.They are the world's nearly 20 varieties.They grow up with varying success and in central Russia, but the most stable are two kinds, with lilac-pink flowers and a pale lemon-yellow.Flower growers are working in this direction, adapting, and other varieties of terry polyanthus primroses.Propagate primrose seeds, but quickly it can be done by dividing the bush.Suitable for this time - the end of July.Growing garden primulas allows you to enjoy the first spring flowers.