Shrubby cinquefoil - famous Kuril tea

Decorating your site becomes a favorite pastime of every gardener.Many hours spent searching for ornamental and fruit-bearing plants, eventually crowned with success.And in the garden there is another "resident", pleasing their views.The main parameters on which the selected plants - is the length of bloom, decorative and resistance to various diseases.

sure to plant a bush tea Kul, which has another name - shrubby cinquefoil.The plant not only meets all the requirements of the search, but also can be used as a medicinal tea tea leaves, tones the body.Bloodroot shrub known for its properties for several centuries.And as tea is widely used in the taiga regions of Siberia and Manchuria, where it grows in large volumes.

Shrub bloodroot amazes endurance.It is resistant to both drought and severe frosts.Very fond of light, although it can grow well in partial shade.With a lack of sunlight is bad in bloom, but the foliage increases.Bush strongly branched and can reach one and a half meters in height.It h

as a high ornamental.The reddish-brown or gray bark is combined with green leaves that have a silver hue, and golden-yellow flowers.

Bloodroot shrub grows very quickly.When planting cuttings in the second year it will be possible to admire the flowering and fruit formation.Bush begins to bloom in mid-June and pleases with its beauty in two months, after which the forms berries - the fruit, giving the bush a special decorative.Every escape odrevesnevaet to the tip, which helps lossless survive winter frosts.Flowering and fruit formation occurs annually.In order to maintain the beautiful appearance of the shrub should be decorative trim at intervals of 5 or 6 years.

When planting should carefully prepare the soil mixture of parts sand, two parts compost and two parts leaf land.Shrubby cinquefoil is very demanding on the soil.Be sure to drain land designated for the plant.A large number of underground water can kill the plant.During the warm season, bloodroot is necessary several times to feed fertilizers.If there is a hot and dry weather, you will need to spend the evening spraying, because the plant does not tolerate dry air.

choosing to plant your garden is as cinquefoil shrub varieties are selected depending on the weather conditions of your area.If winter frosts are severe, your shrub shrubby cinquefoil should be yellow, golden or white flowers.Residents of the southern regions of bloodroot can be planted with red, pink or orange flowers.These varieties are less winter-hardy.

care of plants will be in the periodic loosening and removing weeds, infrequent watering and shaping the crown bush.Bloodroot is rarely affected by various pests and diseases.Basically, sick "rust".The rapid spread of the disease can destroy most of the bush for a few days.Appearing on the leaves yellow and brown spots on the bush crawl very quickly.Turning a leaf can be seen a small pad of fungal spores are carried by wind to healthy plants.It is not necessary to plant bloodroot close to the pine, which develops rust spawn in late summer.

reflect on the location of the Kuril tea bush in the area should take into account the size of the adult plant.Bloodroot looks great both in single and group plantings.Look beautiful shrubs planted on the slopes or among the stones of various sizes.Good bloodroot to curb or hedges.