Hibiscus room: proper care and particularly growth

Many people seeking to create comfort in your own home is used as the primary means of houseplants.One such plant is the Hibiscus room, which is a great Ionizers, humidifiers and air purifiers and oxygen-enriched room.

Before you begin to grow hibiscus room, you must remember that it is the fastest growing sprawling shrub because it needs to be planted in a large pot and place for the growth to be too large enough.Now, however, there are several varieties, which are characterized by slow growth.

Usually, potted plants, hibiscus among which occupies a special place, growing from green shoots, which can be obtained as a result of the spring crop.These shoots are cut and then converted into cuttings with three leaflets.If the leaves are too large, they need to be shortened to the length of the remaining half.This reduces the evaporation of moisture.When the plant begins to take root, the leaves may fall in.Do not worry, because the stalk is still alive, and then it will grow new leaves (after the appe

arance of roots).

rooting hibiscus room easiest way in the water.As soon as you notice at the bottom of the cuttings build-up, it can be put into the prepared soil, water in sufficient quantities and create hothouse conditions.You can use the greenhouse as a plastic bag or plastic bottle in which you need to do pre vent holes.As soon as the first young leaves, the plant is ready to move from the greenhouse conditions in common.

In nature, there are many terms that start blooming plants.Hibiscus blooms in the same year that was planted sapling.As a rule, to four months throws out buds sprout from the top.Gradually increase buds, and after about 10-12 days dissolved terry flower, the diameter of which can reach 10 cm.

period of the life of a flower - day.Then he falls down and then dissolved following.As a rule, hibiscus blossoms all year round room (if it grows on the south side).Otherwise it finishes flowering in late autumn.

special attention hibiscus require room in preparation for flowering.The problem is that the buds and blossoms are popular with peach aphids.When you notice its appearance, the plant must be treated with any drug that kills the pest.When the peach aphid appears in large quantities, it is necessary to remove the buds and keep their removal until until it is complete recovery of the plant.

When is the month of March, you start to engage in the formation of plants.To do this, shorten long shoots to the opportunity to branch.If the plant contains only one escape, it must be cut to desired height.

Spring to be transplanted hibiscus room in a fresh substrate.While the plant is young, the procedure should be done every year, and when it reaches the age of seven to nine years, must be transplanted as needed.

hibiscus suck from the soil all the nutrients, so the transplant can be added to the substrate rotted mullein in a small amount.Plant nutrition should be performed every two weeks a special fertilizer designed for flowering plants.

summer recommended to place a pot of hibiscus outdoors.Emmu must be an abundance of sunlight, watering with rain water and fresh air, which are beneficial to the winter period.The average minimum temperature, which is tolerated by plants, is 10-12 degrees above zero.If it is lower, the roots of the plants supercooled, and it may be lost.