Wonderful nasturtium - growing at home

Nasturtium comes from the mountainous regions of South America.In Europe it was brought by travelers.Due to the climatic conditions of their homeland, the plant is adapted to germinate under our temperate cold climate.In addition, nasturtium, cultivation is easily possible at home on a bright balcony, quite unpretentious care, which also contributed to the development of its popularity among the lovers of flowers.

nasturtium Cultivation and care for this plant

Nasturtium likes both light and heat.Therefore, it is best to place it in a sunny, bright areas, away from drafts and cold corners.

Note simplicity characteristic of such plants as nasturtium.Growing it is produced on loamy soils, in which structure there are many nutrients.As the fertilizer is preferable to use an ordinary humus or compost.Keep in mind that it is not necessary to apply the manure, since it contains a large amount of a substance such as nitrogen, and it can lead to a substantial reduction in the possible flowers.Nasturtium

loves phosphorus, when it is used it will bloom bright and saturated.

At home, it is possible to achieve an early flowering plants such as nasturtium.Growing seedlings in this case - the best option to obtain this result.To do this will take a pot, to do it well for a couple of centimeters using pikirovochnogo peg and drop seeds to - or one already germinated or two, but not germinated.After that, the pot is covered with paper and transferred into the warm angle.Sow nasturtium seedlings must be two or three weeks before its subsequent landing.

While not nasturtium blossom, it should be abundantly watered.After the beginning of flowering, watering stops and starts again only after the soil dries out completely.

Usually, after the first shoots, 45 days begins flowering in plants such as nasturtium.Cultivation by means of seeds can be planned after the same number of days.This is due to the fact that its seeds ripen by 45-50 days after the plant withered.It should be remembered that nasturtium flowers unevenly, so you should monitor the emergence of seeds and their attainment of maturity.In order to determine what they can already collect enough to touch them.Provided the seeds after touching without difficulties separated both from plants and from each other, then they can be collected.

Application nasturtium

How to Grow nasturtium, we have already decided.After reviewing the above recommendations, you can please yourself always wonderful color of the plants like nasturtium, cultivation of which is not a huge amount of work.Besides, this flower except beautiful appearance, has a number of useful properties.For example, the freshly picked leaves of nasturtium contain in its composition vitamin C in large amounts.If the food consumed flowers or leaves of this plant, it is possible to achieve a significant improvement in the process of digestion.Furthermore, in the case of grinding it leaves, the juice can be used to combat skin itching.

As for traditional medicine, mostly nasturtium applied as either a diuretic or preparing an infusion of it, ideal for hypertensive patients.

In summer nasturtium flowers and leaves are collected for use exclusively fresh as a spice.This plant is peculiar pungent taste, vaguely reminiscent of the taste of mustard and radish.Nasturtiums can be used as a seasoning for a variety of salads, vegetables and meat dishes, and its fruits can be green with dill pickle.