How to plant tomatoes in order to get a good harvest

February's days are already coming to an end.Spring is coming and the beginning of active pores for gardeners.Lovers of fresh fruits and vegetables from your own garden begin to fight for the harvest at a time when the street is still snow and stand frost.But it's nice to get out in the garden in the summer and disrupt your cucumber, herbs or tomato salads.

How to plant tomatoes to get a good crop?This question torments gardeners each year.It kind of just did not seem from the outside, planting - this is a very important event, and many factors can affect the growth of seedlings and subsequent fruiting.Even experienced gardeners are slips and seedlings do not grow, so to speak of newbies in horticulture.Let us understand how to plant tomatoes.

start our work with the harvesting of land and buy seeds.The seeds should be purchased so as to fruiting plants as much as possible a longer period of time.It is best to take a few different varieties that have different ripening period, a variety of fruit si

ze, self-pollinated and pcheloopyljaemogo.We do this to ensure that, irrespective of various factors have harvest.

Grunt buy specialized.A wide range of soil mixture for vegetables and particularly for tomatoes can be found at any garden shop or a big supermarket.Of course, you can prepare and garden soil, but the soil for the purchase of seedlings - the best option, because it has already made all the necessary fertilizers and added peat.

How to plant tomatoes in the home?We must now pick up the container.During the period of seedling growth at home, we replant it twice, then it will require three types of containers.Seeds for planting just the perfect option would be special containers with small cell designed for one seed.Next, we need a small container, such as disposable cups, 200 grams.For the final stage of landing a suitable plastic containers high of 500 grams, or large plastic disposable cups for beer.

take small patches of gauze, lay on them the seeds of varieties of tomatoes, dipped in water and decompose on the saucer.Marla does not dry out, saucer sheltering film.After a day or two seeds of hatch and can be planted them in the ground.We fall asleep our container with a small earthen cell mixture and level the surface with a hand or a ruler.In each cell should be laid on the seed and watered.All container sheltering film and put in the sun.

For convenience, you can write the name of the varieties on masking tape and stick it on the side of the container.The film was released when the shoots appear small.Water the seedlings should be only a warm and supernatant water.When formed two - three leaves, will be transplanted into the next container.

How to plant tomatoes in jars?Pour 1/3 cup of the mixture of the soil.With tea or coffee spoon obtain from one cell transplant.We set it in the middle of the glass, to adhere to them, and filled space underground.The small cell is very convenient and allows you not to damage the root system when transplanting.Each glass sign, depending on the variety.Next will change when the seedlings will be cramped in a small container.

Care will be the timely watering.If you used a special soil for planting, fertilizing is not needed.And if you use garden soil, you will need to feed the seedlings 12 days after germination and again 10 days after the first feeding.We will need 15 grams of potassium fertilizer, 40 g of superphosphate and 5 grams of urea per 10 liter bucket of water.Lovely dressing out of mullein diluted with water, taken at a ratio of 1/10.

next crucial moment will be planting in the greenhouse.How to plant tomato seedlings so that they are well taken root?After hiding the greenhouse film and digging the beds should be at least 10 days.During this time, the ground has time to warm up well, and the top layer dries.Digging deep holes slightly larger than the height of containers for seedlings.

Hold the stem and tapping on the bottom of the glass, gently remove the earthen room roots.We put the seedling in the hole at an angle of 45 degrees and sprinkle zamlyu.This will help the formation of additional roots and stem will not be broken.Thoroughly water the seedlings planted in warm water.

Each grower develops a personalized system, how to plant tomatoes.But the main thing - is to love plants and try not to hurt them.Then they will thank a wonderful harvest.