How and when to plant tomatoes

How it's nice when there since mid-summer personal plot begins to delight abundant crop of tomatoes.For such a high yield is necessary to know when to sow tomatoes, and then hold a series of long and laborious activities, it must be done in early spring.

The first item in this list is the selection and preparation of seed for sowing.Sometimes, many growers want to know exactly - when to plant tomatoes.But in advance of that one can not say it all depends on the date of transplanting into the ground, which in turn depends on several factors.Among them is the presence in the area of ​​quality greenhouse warming level of the soil in it, a number of insurance against damage to the plant in the spring, when frost can occur.Just owning all this information about the timing of transplanting into the ground, we can talk about when to plant tomatoes.

Typically, tomato seeds are sown in sixty days before landing a permanent place in the ground sprouts.For example, in the middle zone of the Russian Federation

, good timing sowing seeds for seedlings in the greenhouse is considered to be the second half of March, and for the open field - the first decade of April.Since these terms allow plants to be very strong and healthy.And when the tomatoes fall in open ground or in unheated greenhouse, is sure to outstrip the growth of planted at the beginning of February, March or seeds.

March tomatoes that are sown at the end of the month or in early April will be more fruitful as the germ of the future crop is laid in the first days of life of the plant.When the seedlings get enough sunlight, the seedlings, considering that she got into a favorable climate, programs itself to a high yield.

If you sow the seeds before the takieposevy give poor results, because the overgrown tomato seedlings not transferred well.Quite often you can see, it resets the ovary, flowers as worse tolerate low temperatures.

If the question of when to plant tomatoes, the answer is already clear, now is a couple of words given to the most fit.Before sowing, seeds should be soaked in a solution saturated with microelements.There are different recipes for this solution, one of them is the most popular.To this composition is necessary to take boric acid and manganese sulphate, mix in one liter of water.The temperature of the saturated solution must not exceed twenty-four degrees.Soaking time of half a day to sixteen hours.After that, the seeds should be dried and sown.

also very useful to process tomato seeds extract of wood ash.To do this, take her twenty grams, add water and insist within days.Then the seeds soak solution for several hours.

Some experienced growers who know when to plant tomatoes, produce, in addition to the above procedures, and even bookmark seeds to increase seedling resistance to low temperatures.To do this, dry seeds need to put a couple of days in the refrigerator, where the temperature is maintained at about zero degrees.The thus prepared seeds can be sown in early March.

But the seed of hybrids and tall tomatoes question of when to plant tomatoes have a slightly different response to them is much more correct to sow in early February, because these varieties have a long enough growing season.If they sow into the soil later, the tomatoes will not have time to form a mature fruit.So tall varieties of tomatoes should be planted in the ground in the form of a ready seedlings, which should grow in advance in greenhouses, greenhouses or in boxes inside your own home.

wish you high yields!