Ornamental honeysuckle, planting and care

Honeysuckle Honeysuckle - decorative flowering vine.Its other name - Honeysuckle Goat (Latin for "Perfoliate" means "goat's List") or fragrant honeysuckle.It is named for the fragrant fresh, strong and delicate aroma of their flowers, they are used in perfumery and aromatherapy.In the wild form is found in the Caucasus and Southern Europe.Good honey plant.The natural place of growth of this kind of honeysuckle - sunny forest edge with moist deciduous soil.This shrub can grow to 6 meters in height and more.It blooms in May - June, beautiful, white with yellow flowers similar to orchids.Flowering plentiful, making Perfoliate Honeysuckle valuable ornamental plants for vertical gardening.Fruits are also decorative, red.Note ornamental honeysuckle fruits are inedible!(There is still edible honeysuckle, blue, similar to blueberries berries. But it is quite another plant.) Honeysuckle Honeysuckle - durable plant, there are instances that have reached the age of 50 years.

Honeysuckle requires vertical support

s, without creeper will travel along the ground (sometimes and use - as a groundcover).Because of honeysuckle on the supports can create decorative walls and hedges, it can be sent to curl at the gazebo or porch, you can use it to decorate the walls of nondescript buildings or hide unsightly outbuildings.

Growing honeysuckle simple.This plant is quite unpretentious and does not require some special care.Grow Honeysuckle Perfoliate easier than other, more popular vine, Clematis.But ornamental honeysuckle looks worse than it did clematis, blooms profusely, much flavor ... For those who prefer to have a "wild" garden, with plants does not require special care, it is necessary to select honeysuckle.Planting and care of the other flowering vines more complicated.

Honeysuckle, planting and care

For planting is desirable to choose a sunny place, in the shade of a bush, too, will grow, but there you will see plenty of blooming honeysuckle.Planting and care are as follows: planting honeysuckle carried out in a trench (if you plan to plant the plants in a row) or individual wells, filled with organic and mineral fertilizers.The land is fertile and friable need, in principle, honeysuckle grow and loam, but a little bit worse.The best time for planting - spring.Young plants in the winter cover is desirable, such as spruce branches.But this should be only the first two years, until the plant is strengthened.

in the middle lane in the winter often shoots ornamental honeysuckle short cut.Of course, during the summer shoots grow back again, and the plant will bloom.But, nevertheless, crop shoots honeysuckle "on the stump" is optional.This plant can withstand temperatures, even while remaining on the supports, freeze slightly only the ends of the shoots.Even if part of the shoot to continue, your plants will be much earlier than decorative.Spring is not in a hurry to cut off the shoots on poles!The fact that the honeysuckle buds on the vines are "hidden" until the leaves can not be distinguished from the dead live shoots.Therefore you need to remove podmerzshie shoots when the hatch has a kidney.

honeysuckle Care is watering (in the hot season), mulching, fertilizing and pruning complex fertilizers.In the second year of the ends of the shoots are cut by 30 centimeters, to cause branching.We need to cut the dead honeysuckle and thickening bush shoots and left directed to support the right place for you.On older shrubs do renewal pruning.If honeysuckle does not form, then it will turn into a chaotic whom, however, if it fits the style of your garden, and you like, you can leave it (in fact, these bushes look natural and romantic).

Reproduction honeysuckle.

Honeysuckle can be propagated by cuttings, seeds and division of the bush.Cuttings are cut around the beginning of July (immediately after flowering), with two internodes and take root in the greenhouse.

Growing from seed is somewhat more complicated, and the most simple and reliable way - by dividing the bush.

ornamental varieties of honeysuckle is little.There is a form of red and white flowers, too beautiful honeysuckle.Planting and care do not differ from the basic form.