What pasynkovanie and how to pinch the tomatoes properly.

The first is to understand what pasynkovanie and why it is necessary to carry out this rather complicated and time-consuming process.So pasynkovanie - the removal of superfluous shoots in plants, in this case - tomatoes, which grow in the open field.Pasynkovanie done in order to get better and early harvest.This is due to the fact that circumcision unnecessary shoots plastic substances plants, which depends on the quality of the crop, are spent only on fruits and leaves, which are necessary for their food.From this we can conclude that circumcision Trunk cleaner is a necessary process to obtain a good harvest.Let's look in detail, how to pinch tomatoes.

Stepchildren need to remove even small, once they reach 3-4 cm in length.If they become, the very meaning of pasynkovaniya lose its meaning, because the plant has to spend a certain amount of plastic substances in their cultivation.Also cropping shoots adults could seriously damage the plant, leaving the stalk large "wounds".

Perhaps you began to wo

nder whether it is possible not to pinch the tomatoes.Of course you can, but remember that in this case the crop will be completely dependent on three factors: the weather, the proper pollination and tomato varieties.Without pasynkovaniya cost only specially bred varieties.That is pasynkovanie - it's just one of the ways that can help increase the chances of getting a good harvest, to use it or not - it's up to you.

We figured out how to pinch the tomatoes, now let's look at how to choose the right time to cut the shoots.Before pinch tomatoes, remember one simple rule, which hold the majority of gardeners: time to fully ripen only those fruits that are fastened to the first of August;all those that came after that date, just in vain spend resources of the plant.To avoid this, you must hold pasynkovanie once for all time.At the end of July or early August, remove all suckers from the plant, leaving only 2-3 leaf over the formed fruits;inflorescence that just appeared, too, must be removed from the bush.

Another way pasynkovaniya tomatoes, it is to remove unnecessary shoots with regularity every 10 days.Now we look at how to pinch the tomatoes in this way.Inspect the plant.If it is formed by only one stem, it should retain only the main escape.If the two - then you can add the stepson of a sheet under the first inflorescence.If the three - leave is still lower stepson.This method is more time-consuming, but by using it you will be able to fully control the formation of each plant, which eventually will thank you with a good harvest.

You yourself will have to choose how many stalks left on the shrub, it depends on the variety you choose to grow in his garden.For example, if you want to grow very early fruits from the very low-growing varieties, then you should leave a maximum of two stem.As a consequence, the tomatoes will ripen more quickly, but only for the first 3-5 inflorescences.Leaving three stems then tomatoes becomes larger but may be smaller and partly remain green.

Now you know how to pinch the tomatoes.Remember that cutting unnecessary laterals - this is a sure way to get a good, early harvest of tomatoes.No matter which method you use, the result will definitely be.But it is worth remembering that a good harvest depends on many other factors, such as the right place for planting, pollination and good weather conditions.