Common pests of indoor plants and their control

breeding pot plants is a popular recreational activity for many people.This is not surprising, since they can not only take their time, but also make it to good use.After all, the house, which lined with pots of beautiful and elegant plants immediately changes!

Unfortunately, there are pests of indoor plants.And fight with them should be known to every florist, because otherwise you can completely lose the results of their work.What are the most dangerous pests exist and what can be done?


It - one of the most common and dangerous "villains", which at least once, but faced every lover of plants.In contrast to the same aphids, they are able to fly, but because immediately spread throughout the house.

see them you can hardly, as the size of the adult insects do not exceed a few millimeters.The larval stage characterized by more modest size.Determine that you have bred these pests of indoor plants (and their control should start immediately), you can only by circumstantial evidence.

fact that the leaves of indoor plants in this case is quickly covered with large white spots.This is - empty pockets, sucked cells.

to deal with them using drugs "Intavir", "Malathion" and "Fitoverm."A week later, be sure to repeat the process, as after seven days the eggs hatch the young generation.


Of course, this is not the same insects that are so annoying to people walking in the woods in the summer, but they bring a lot of problems.Check that the apartment bred these pests of indoor plants (and their control will be most welcome), it will be quite simple.It is difficult not to notice small black flies that start flying around the house!

To finally make it is necessary to look closely at the earth in flower pots, if there are small white worms, the fact of midges can be considered proven.

What are they dangerous?Small worms - larvae of adult midges.They feed on plant juices and tissues, so that flowering you will not wait.If no action is taken, the flowers soon may simply die of starvation.

To cope with them, will need to use insecticides brand "aktellik," "Thunder-2" and "Mukhoed."


These pests of indoor plants (there are photos in the article) so common that they know not only growers, but also ordinary gardeners.In appearance they look like tiny butterflies with white wings.They feed on plant juice, so that the leaves are covered with yellow spots, gradually wither and disappear.

What does pest control indoor plants of this kind?You can use insecticides "aktellik" and "Intavir."Note that the whitefly is very not like a moist environment, so with regular cleaning, spraying and wiping leaves they are unlikely zavedutsya.

So we know what are the pests of indoor plants.And fight with them - this is responsible action, which must be carried out with maximum efficiency.Otherwise it may happen that you do run out of houseplants.