Orchid Pests: saving their exotic beauty

settled in your home an exotic beauty fragrant, pleasing the eye.You do not get tired of admiring its stunning colors, their unusual color, amazing shape.This naive to believe that much in your apartment plant is not threatened.Since all of its natural enemies are far away in the tropics.However, this is a false calm.And in our latitudes could be seriously damaged orchid.Diseases and pests (photos, presented in the article show their deleterious effects) affect the leaves, flowers and roots.

order to hedge against possible trouble, do not forget about the mandatory prevention.All of the plants are inspected weekly.Regularly sterilize the substrate.For these purposes and will fit a solution of potassium permanganate.Many orchid pests come to you with a newly acquired plants.Therefore we arrange beginners quarantine and any universal low-toxic insecticide.

Now let's get to the main parasites that threaten your tropical beauty.

the ground and fallen leaves can inhabit tiny worms - nematodes.Due to th

eir microscopic size to identify the presence of parasites is possible only on the trail they leave.It is brown or black markings on the leaves.These orchid pests are afraid of high temperatures, so it is sterilized trays and pots of water bath.It helps formalin disinfection and treatment of the whole plant with a solution of water and pills "dekaris."And do not forget to thoroughly remove all litter and dried parts.

following pests orchids at home - woodlice.They are happy to absorb the young tender leaves.A living creature mentioned in the substrate.There are moist and warm - exactly what you need these insects.To ward off the pill bugs, you need to start lure them out of the pot.To do this, take a damp cloth, put it on a piece of apple or potato.Bait put far away from the flower, and do not water the soil daily.Insects leave the familiar housing, and in the morning you will find them on the rag.However, this procedure will have to be repeated more than once.

But the most common orchid pests - aphids and thrips it.And they both feed on cell sap of the plant.And if they do not fight, then soon a flower dies.There can not do without special preparations.Well it destroys parasites "konfidor."You can recommend a treatment agent "Akhtar".If you - the enemy of chemical control methods, the use of biological preparation "Aktofit."

These drugs are used to eliminate scale insects and mealybugs.The latter can be traced by the characteristic white fly in the axils of leaves.But adult Jose scale is a small waxy bump on the surface of the plant.These pests orchids love the dry hot climate.Therefore, generously moisturizes the air, not too lazy to arrange their pets green light shower, wipe and inspect all parts of the plant.

summer, when your beauty Enjoy the fresh air on the terrace or balcony, they can settle the tiny snails or slugs.They must be immediately removed from the leaves and destroy, because these voracious creatures obgryzut and the leaves and stems, and flowers, and even roots.