Sokovarka: working principle.

delicious juices without chemical additives and concentrates - it is also useful.To get a really high-quality beverage sokovarka need.The principle of operation of this device is very simple: steamed foods, thereby retains all the nutrients.The output is pasteurized juice, ready to twist.

How does it work?

Sokovarka consists of several elements:

  • water tank;
  • juice bowl equipped with a valve and a tube;
  • container with holes for the products.

Modern sokovarka gets good reviews as to use it simply, and cost pleases its availability.All proposed models on the market differ in volume, material manufacturing capacities, the design features of the bottom, at the same time they all have a common principle.The water begins to boil, and steam under the fruit or vegetable juice is released.By the way, the remaining pulp can also be used, for example, to preserve with the juice.

How to use?

sokovarka First, the principle of operation is simple and straightforward, to be prepared for the process.Tha

t is, you need a good wash all containers, handle tube of rubber with boiling water, then executed fastening elements of the device - it is necessary to use the instruction.Experts recommend to follow these tips to extend the life of the unit:

  1. keep control of water levels and a non-stick product to the bottom.
  2. tank allowed for liquid to pour incompletely, leaving about 15-20% of the free volume.
  3. Containers should not be treated with abrasive, alkaline agents or to remove carbon deposits with a sharp object.
  4. valve and the pipe must be cleaned regularly.

juice How to prepare?

Today, many in the kitchen there sokovarka.How to use it?Should approach this process responsibly.Firstly, the prepared food and the container.Vegetables, fruits, berries, well washed, sorted out, remove seeds, stalk, cleaned rind.The products are then divided into small pieces.By the way, the juices get enough sweet, so you need to take this into account so as not to pereslastit.Experts recommend that the first bottle of juice to drain back into the container products, and the bottle itself be sterilized.Ready drink immediately twisted, and then sent to a cool place.

process steps

begin to prepare the juice.Pour into the bottom of the unit for at least two liters of water and heated it.After boiling juice collector and installed capacity of fruit.The device is covered with a lid, and then again heated over low heat.Cover the rubber hose clamp.During operation, the device should ensure that the water does not boil away completely.Once the liquid is boiling, begins to stand out juice (which extends from 45 to 70 minutes, depending on what the maturity of fruit / fruit).The finished product is drained into clean bottles and sent to storage.

Operating Instructions

Steam sokovarka - a simple device, but still need to read the instructions to him.The official guide to virtually every device provides recommendations on how to use sokovarkoy:

  1. bottom of the unit must be filled with water by 80%.
  2. When loading fruit or berries can be added to the same container sugar.
  3. filling, dipped in a housing closed by a cover, and then placed on the bottom of the water.Hose clamp with overlaps.
  4. Electric sokovarka included in the network model without automation are put on the heat source.
  5. As the temperature of the water vapor appears, which rises and falls in the net.Here he works on berries / fruit, contributing to the formation of pasteurized juice.
  6. Through holes mesh finished beverage flows into the container.

Sokovarka for cooking meat and vegetables

Amazing such a device as sokovarka: working principle is almost the same as that of a double boiler, so many women use primarily useful for the preparation of braised food.Vegetables, meat, fish - all this turns out to sokovarke not worse!The cooking process is the same as when creating the juice, but instead of sugar and spices are added salt.However, after cooking should be very thoroughly rinse all containers because the remaining smell of fish or meat may be present in the juice.

Types and features

Sokovarka collects positive reviews, mainly a lot of good reviews for the electric models.However, manufacturers also offer devices that operate on the external heat source, that is, put them directly on the stove.

tank capacity ranges from 4 to 20 liters, which should be checked when buying.Another important point - the material from which manufactured the device.It is best to choose a stainless steel model - they are more reliable and quality.

most popular products

Sokovarka, the principle of which will understand even the inexperienced user - convenient device, especially if your garden fruits and vegetables disappear.Outset that companies producing this kind of household appliances, a lot, so you have to explore the features of the instrument before buying.We will include the review of the device a different price category, so you can see all the arguments and make the right choice.

budget model originally from Russia

under the Russian name "Kalitva" offers the cheapest sokovarka.Instructions tell that this model has a volume of 6 liters bowls made of food and aluminum.With this appliance, you can get the juice of fresh vegetables, fruits and berries.According to the instructions, the reservoir can only add 4 L of water.The principle of operation of the device is simple: after boiling liquid in the tank put a collection of juice, a glass mesh, mesh with the established products.The device covered with the casing and overlap the branch pipe clamp.The average time involved in the separation of juice to one hour, after which the beverage is discharged through a discharge pipe to the banks.By the way, there is such sokovarka only 1100 rubles.

Chinese model

Webber BE-08 - another affordable sokovarka.How to use it?For a start, the device of the bowl space - 8 l, wherein it is made of stainless steel.That is, this unit is suitable for cooking and juice even on induction hob.As for equipment, it is traditional: the water tank and juice, colander for fruit, vegetables, rubber tube to drain the water and the glass cover.This sokovarka is also cheap - up to 2,000 rubles.

Bohmann BH 3205 - is quite compact sokovarka.Simple and clear instructions, so anyone can understand it.Chinese equipment manufacturer offers a 5-liter cup made of stainless steel.The pan has a thickened bottom, the main feature of which - in the presence of six layers of different materials:

  • copper and aluminum - with high thermal conductivity;
  • steel - with low thermal conductivity.

This combination of heat quickly passes through the layers evenly distributed over the bottom of the pans.The bottom heats uniformly and in the center and on the edges.The absence of grooves on the bottom - a guarantee that the dishes will not deform under high temperatures.Should such a model is about 2,000 rubles.

Berghoff Deluxe

This sokovarka (photo shows her stylish design) is around 12 000, while the container capacity of more than 15 liters!For its creation, the manufacturer uses stainless steel, with cooking juices can be any type of panels.Special collecting bottom heat can reduce energy costs on heating water and bundled offers standard elements:

  • capacity for water and juice;
  • metal lid with a valve to regulate the pressure of the isolation juice);
  • tube feeding juice;
  • bracket.

In this model, the handle connected to the pan by means of riveting, while they are made of steel with silicone inserts, allowing to use the device safely.

Rommelsbacher ITS-1505

This compact sokovarka - photos allow us to understand that it takes quite a bit in the kitchen space.Capacity for juice based on 4 liters and a colander in which to pack vegetables, fruits and berries - 10 liters.Metal housing sokovarki covered with two layers of a special composition, which is characterized by resistance to acids.Sokovarki traditional principle: in a tank filled with water, add the fruit, the juice is released through a tube into a special container.Should such a model is about 5,000 rubles.

Best Practices

Before using any device, you must first study the instructions and the device in question - is no exception.Using sokovarki has its own characteristics that must be taken into account:

  1. Before the first use of the instrument is recommended to rinse well.
  2. During sokovarki follow so that the tank was always water may otherwise burn on the bottom, and the device can be disposed of.
  3. the juice is not lost, it is necessary to put the bank, where it will come in a special plate.
  4. If you like sweet drinks, add the sugar in a colander.
  5. When using fruits with pits or seeds, they are recommended before using the device to remove.

Recipes juices

To save the summer harvest in the long and cold winter, you should promptly revise it.Best sokovarka - a device that allows you to quickly and easily prepare delicious fruit drinks and juices, keeping them in a maximum of useful properties.And the benefits of this device is that it combines features sokovarki and steamers.We will tell you some recipes on how to cook in the juices sokovarke:

  1. Apple juice. sliced ​​apples, put them in the upper compartment.To highlight the process of juice going faster, you need to cut fruits as small as possible.But it is necessary to avoid too small pieces, because instead of juice obtained fruit puree that will score the colander holes.
  2. pumpkin juice. recommended per kilogram pumpkin to put 150 grams of sugar.My first pumpkin, cut peel, get rid of the seeds and fibers.Prepared vegetable fit into the container, and then boiled for approximately one hour.If the smell of pumpkin you do not like it, you can get rid of it, adding to drink lemon or sugar.
  3. Tomato juice. To create this drink will require finely chopped ripe tomatoes, it is best to give preference to juicy fruit.Covered them with a teaspoon of sugar and salt, and then begin to prepare the juice.Cooks advised throw to the bottom of the tank and a couple more sprigs of celery to give a flavor of the drink.
  4. grape juice. prepared berries stacked in the container, after which the device is placed on the heating.The berries will gradually acquire a brown color, settle to the bottom, they will need to mash and pour fresh as the volume decreases.Leakage of juice takes about 45 minutes (depending on the degree of ripeness of fruit).After this time, the clamp is opened, and the juice is drained into the banks.