Rating gas stoves.

stove - it's appliances, which today creates many famous and not-so brands.We will offer you the rating of gas stoves, but first tell you what to consider when choosing.So before you go to the store, decide for yourself what model of plate you want, what specifications it must have?

First, note the functional

Any appliances should be chosen wisely.Specifications of gas stoves - it is the first thing you should pay attention.Firstly, well, if your stove is equipped with a monitoring system of gas, for example, Gas Control.Its purpose - to prevent the occurrence of a gas leak.The system operates automatically, blocking the flow of gas if the flame goes out suddenly.Typically, such systems are only equipped with hot plates, oven or burners and oven - is preferable to choose the second option.

Another useful option - electric ignition system: it is like for families with small children, as they are safer to include the tile without the use of matches or lighters.Most gas ovens are equipped with con

ventional or automatic ELECTRONIC: in the first case, you need to turn the lever and click in the second - only to turn the lever.It remains only to choose which way you prefer to turn on the gas.

Second, select the size

choosing a gas stove, be sure to take into account its dimensional characteristics.To machines fit well into the kitchen, you need to pre-measure the available space.As a rule, modern manufacturers offer plates of the following sizes:

  • 50 x 50,
  • 20 x 60,
  • 60 x 60.

Rating gas stoves compact models include product brands "Darin», Indesit,Deluxe, Ardo.Firstly, they do not occupy much space in the kitchen.Secondly, as a rule, such models can be purchased for a total of up to 8,500 rubles.

bestsellers in the size range of 50 x 60 is the model of gas stoves marks "Hephaestus», Gorenje, Electrolux, Ricci.However, their purchase will cost an average of 10,000 to 20,000 rubles.The most expensive model is the size of 60x60 cm - in this group represented brands such as Gorenje, Bosch, Ardo, Indesit.The price range of different - of 13 000 to 25 000 rubles,

Third additional opportunities

course, reliability and functionality - two parameters based on which should be selected gas stoves.Which is better?Reviews of many buyers are reduced to the fact that the emphasis should be placed on such important details as the number of burners and their size, particularly the cooking surface, the parameters of the oven.For example, on what the diameter of the nozzle, the feed mixture of gas and air to the burners, the gas pressure depends on the degree of the power of its submission.In most cases, customers choose the plate with four burners, which are different capacity.

As for the cooking surface, it is created from enamel or stainless steel.Original and stylish look to the model of the glass ceramic cooking surface, which differ in the minimum heating capacity, ease of maintenance and a variety of colors.

Rating gas stoves: the models up to 8000 rubles

Among the models the most affordable price range are the following brands:

  1. cheapest gas stoves offers Belarusian company Cesaris - they can be purchased for a sum of 5,300 rubles.Despite the availability of models of this brand are of high quality, functionality and reliability.The distinctive features include the classic art design, enameled surfaces, easy to clean, elaborate security system.These models can be easily included in the rating of gas stoves in an accessible price point.
  2. just 6700 rubles, you can buy a gas stove Gefest brand model "Brest GHG 3200-08 K 79".Reviews say that it draws attention to the unusual color, compact and safe operation.
  3. GN 470 WE Gorenje - one of the available models, which can be purchased for an average of 8,000 rubles.This appliances classic design with a control panel and an enamel hob.Features - standard size and compact, making it easy to fit into the stove any room.The oven has a capacity of 56 liters and works on gas.However, the oven does not please a variety of modes of heating.Caring for a simple product as inside oven has a special coating self-cleaning enamel EcoClean.
  4. choosing the best gas stoves, pay attention to product brand DeLuxe.During 7000 - 8000 rubles, you can buy a reliable and convenient to operate the stove with enamelled grids and enamelled oven.Complete it delivered two baking.Oven enough volume - 53 liters.There is an additional drawer for utensils, and legs are adjusted for usability engineering.
  5. For a reasonable price of 8,000 rubles to offer their products, many companies gas stoves.For example, for 7500 rubles, you can buy a plate Hansa FCGW 51003 Integra, which differs enamel worktop and economical mode of consumption of gas.Oven gas type has a volume 58 liters, as accessories model is equipped with grill for frying and baking.Among the interesting features and options, you can note the presence of recipes in the oven door and fitting system Cool front.
  6. Another interesting model - Beko CG 41001, which can be bought on average for 7600 rubles.Its difference - in a mechanical electric ignition, the oven gas type;the volume of the oven - 51 l.As an option, it may be noted the "minimum light" and protection against accidental activation.With affordable prices, this model can easily include a rating of the quality of gas stoves.
  7. for super price (7600 rubles) can be obtained plate famous Romanian brand Zanussi ZCG 55 IGW.Among the main features of the model include the provision of electric ignition burner by pressing, gas-control ovens, which also has an impressive volume of 61 liters.The inner surface of the plate and the door is easy to clean, since they are covered with enamel easy cleaning.There is a hole through which the steam is given.

The category plates cost from 9,000 rubles include a huge number of products of various brands, which have different equipment.We will describe the most popular among buyers of gas stoves.Which is better?Reviews will help you make the right choice.

Bosch: quality at all times

products of this brand is considered one of the most popular among buyers due to the high quality and consistency of each model.Such gas cookers are perfect for you to create culinary wonders in the kitchen.All models are available in several versions:

  1. Top powered by gas, and a gas oven.
  2. Top powered by gas and electric oven.
  3. Hob "gas on glass".

Cookers of this brand are equipped with various functions that make operation of the product is safe and convenient.Most ovens have a three-dimensional model is the brand, and they are covered with a special enamel differing impact resistance and resistance to acids and various chemicals.The presence of EcoClean - a pledge that the oven is cleaned itself, even during cooking.Some of the brand Bosch ovens are equipped with an active air circulation, and among the new products that are sure to enter the ranking of the best gas stoves in 2015, we can note the model, equipped with a system CookControl.Her feature - the ability to program cooking various dishes of meat, vegetables, making the cooking process becomes even easier and more convenient.

Bosch HGG 233127 R: 18 700 rubles

This line of Bosch gas stove ELECTRONIC through different buttons, composite steel bars, the presence of gas-control function and a gas oven.The volume of the oven is 63 liters, while the oven operates in two modes - lower heat and grill.The cooktop is equipped with a glass cover, has a mechanical timer with sound, glazed door is made of three-layered glass.The review notes that the main advantages of this model - in a wide hob, rapid ignition of burners Removable rails.On the other hand, it noted that the cooking surface is very hot when the oven is working, and the composite grating and the burner grill is not finalized in terms of design.

stove Bosch HGG 343455 R is nearly 33 000 rubles, and for the money you get a powerful device with a self-cleaning oven.The distinctive features of the model include:

  • different modes: bottom heat, grill, electro skewer;
  • two-layer glazing of the door;
  • presence of thermoelectric protection of the igniter;
  • presence of an integral lattice of iron, which is stored utensils;
  • function of the child lock.

Electrolux: savings throughout

from 11,000 rubles worth of the brand gas stoves, and you get a modern, comfortable and stylish home appliances that will delight you with efficient and economical operation.Among the different models you will find the best gas stoves.Rating product of this brand is growing, because the manufacturer improves its technology, offering innovative solutions.Some models of boards covered with a special compound, which provide the convenience and ease of cleaning.

The cheapest model - Electrolux EKG 951 102 W - costs 11 200 rubles.You get the equipment, the working surface is made of high-quality enamel, and the design is different burners reasonableness.Oven gas volume of 53 liters.As a supplement, you can note the presence of the grill skewers.Saaya expensive model - Electrolux EKG 961 300 X - is worth 31,490 rubles.The working surface is made of stainless steel, are rotary switches, bars made of cast iron.Oven spacious (61 l), while the works in three modes: bottom heat, grill and grill with rotisserie.

Hansa: for every budget

The top producers of gas stoves, offering products of different price segment, is attributed and the brand.If you are looking for affordable, comfortable and at the same aesthetic in terms of design gas stoves, look for products Hansa.All models feature a modern and thoughtful look at this classic design.Comfortable and functional machinery is easily adjusted and is regulated in terms of power.In addition, the manufacturer offers a range of models with different design.These boards exactly fit into any kitchen!

If you want to save money, look for a model Hansa FCGW 51003 Integra, which cost an average of 7,450 rubles.The working surface is made of enamel, and a special system allows you to efficiently spend EcoGas gas.However, this model does not feature electric ignition.As optional equipment offered grill for frying and baking.

most expensive model line Hansa - FCGX 51029, which costs 20 490 rubles.Its working surface made of stainless steel, equipped with a rotary switch has a gas-control of burners and cast iron grate.The oven operates on gas.

Indesit: a variety of models

One of the brands that is always at the hearing, it Indesit.In fact, the company offers a wide range of plates so that each customer can choose the option to fit your needs.Models of this brand produced with various types of cooking surfaces (gas or electric burner or a combination thereof), as well as with multiple operating modes.Stylish design, interesting solutions and excellent performance characteristics - all these different established brand Indesit gas cooker.Ratings, reviews - all this is an excellent opportunity to explore the features of each model.

The cheapest model - Indesit KNJ 1G 27 (W) / RU - will cost 8800 rubles.The working surface of the plate is made of enamel, the type of oven - gas volume of 50 liters.This plate is not electric ignition.One of the most expensive models - Indesit I6GG1G (X) / RU, which costs 17 000 rubles.The working surface of the appliance is created from stainless steel, and the burners can be operated using the rotary switches.The oven has a capacity of 58 liters, and the model is equipped with ELECTRONIC both oven and grill.There is a mechanical timer which notifies about the end of the cooking process beep.

Gefest: quality stove

Ranking 2013 includes a model of the brand as the most stable in terms of quality and affordable in terms of price.The manufacturer aims to create products that will be as accessible to the modern consumer.Wide assortment and price range - guarantee that everyone will be able to choose a version of its capabilities.The cheapest model of the brand - stove Gefest (Gefest) Brest GHG 3100-08 K 70, which is about 7,000 rubles.Among the more expensive models can be noted Gefest (Gefest) GHG SD1A 6300-03, which is slightly more than 16 000 rubles.


What are they - the best gas stoves?Rating, which we made in this article for the different characteristics, will help you make the right choice.Before you make a purchase, please read the characteristics of each producer, evaluate the range of its proposals and think about your budget.This integrated approach will help you make the right choice.Functional features and the degree of each plate special equipment, and it is also necessary to take into account when choosing.A variety of price range - a guarantee that you can easily pick up option that fits perfectly into your kitchen.

Beautiful, comfortable and functional stove - the perfect solution for any kitchen, especially if you pick it wisely.