Wok (pan): What is it?

More recently, on the shelves of our shops, a new type of utensils for cooking - wok-pan."What it is?What's in it cook? "- These issues were quite expected, as buyers wondered why it is needed, there are times casserole, frying pans and the usual cooking.So first tell you what exactly is the wok, and only then will understand the peculiarities of cooking with it.

Wok-pan: it

wok got its spread directly from Asian countries - it is there through this ubiquitous utensils cook.The history goes back many centuries the subject: wok was invented in ancient China, the poor villagers who tried to save on everything, including on fuel for their homes.For them it was important to cook quickly and at the same time to keep it warm as long as possible.These goals served as a kind of creation of the pan with sloping walls.

current pan wok is virtually identical to its ancestor.It just has a conical shape with a flat, convex sometimes small bottomed sufficiently large diameter, thin wall and a pair of handles

.Due to the original structure of the wok products, regardless of their category and density cook faster than usual pan as stray pieces of food to the center where all the heat is concentrated.

Features woks

Before purchasing this highly exotic kitchen utensils, first you need to decide where you are going to cook it, and how often you plan to use it.On this depends the shape, size and material of which will be made wok-pan.What does it mean?Let's try to understand.


Voki can be made of various kinds of steel, cast iron, copper, ceramics.In addition, some models have a special non-stick coating, such as wok Tefal.

Specialists in Asian cooking note that the most robust and durable woks are made of cast iron and carbon steel.In addition, these materials tend to distribute heat evenly over the entire surface of the pan, thus ensuring the use of usable space to the maximum.Dishes on such vokah obtained with more intense and bright taste.It should be noted that by virtue of their characteristic quality of the steel is still cools more quickly iron, but at the same time and quickly warms up.

Bottom shape

There are two types of bed - flat and convex - which has a wok pan.What does this mean?

If you plan to use the frying pan at home, in particular for cooking on electric or induction stove, preference should be given a pot with a flat bottom - it is more stable and better heated.

those who have a gas stove, recommended walkie both flat and convex.In a second variant for mounting a rounded wok on the grid uses a special ring for reliable stability utensils and protecting the hotplate from contact with the dishes.

For cooking in the street or during a picnic, you can find a wok with a special stand in the bottom of which is the hearth.

Forms handles

Today, among the variety of models woks can be seen as traditional two rounded grip, and with one rounded and the second - extension.Also, there are many options and with a handle as a conventional classical pan.

Since 1 kg - minimum weight, which has a good wok, reviews about the convenience of one type or another is pointless to look for pens - you need to try on each model and choose the one that is most comfortable to sit in a hand.


This option depends entirely on how many people there are in a family and how often you go away.Voki with a diameter of up to 35 centimeters are suitable for a single person and for a family of 2-3 persons.In a large company, respectively, require much larger wok - a diameter of 40 centimeters.

In addition, it is worth remembering that a good wok is not cheap: it is better to purchase goods from a reputable manufacturer of dishes, which will last a long time.Prices for high-quality walkie begin, usually between 1000-1500 rubles, depending on the diameter and the availability of additional accessories.For example, a wok with a lid or a special set of spatulas will cost much more expensive than a similar product without the accompanying paraphernalia.

What can you cook in a wok cooking

speed, flexibility, the ability to maintain the maximum benefit of food - are the main qualities that are known to wok.Recipes cooking this dish is so numerous that to list them all is not possible - every nation in Asia has its own culinary delights.However, the most common are recipes for the following dishes:

- rice, buckwheat and wheat noodles with vegetables and meat or seafood Kurtz.Require: Noodles itself, bean sprouts or green beans, carrots, peppers, topping (chicken, beef or shrimp), soy sauce, cumin, garlic, salt, pepper, onion.Topping pre-marinated in soy sauce, then cut into pieces fried in a wok.Not add finely chopped vegetables, cooked until half the noodles, a dish flavored with spices and garlic, pour soy sauce and bring to the readiness for 5-7 minutes.

- Curry.Ingredients: chicken, chicken broth, curry, tomatoes or tomato paste, garlic, onion, red pepper and paprika.First, the vegetables are cut and fried in a wok in the tomato paste or pureed tomatoes, then add pepper, salt, curry and paprika.Chicken cut into thin strips, and also put in a wok.Following is poured half a cup of broth and stewed until tender.To curry often poadyut Fig.

- Roasted chicken with nuts.Ingredients: chicken, onions, mushrooms, walnuts or cashews, legumes or soy sauce.Sliced ​​chicken fried in a wok for about 5 minutes, then add the mushrooms and onions.After 5-7 minutes, pour the nuts and pour the sauce.The dish is brought to readiness and served with rice or noodles.

for losing weight will be a real salvation is wok.Reviews about the benefits of dishes prepared using it, are only the positive color.When frying oil is used at a minimum.Accordingly, it reduces the amount of cholesterol and calorie intake.

Rules cooking in a wok

- Use soy sauce and spices (black and red pepper, ginger, turmeric, sesame seeds, curry).

- first in wok laid meat and vegetables are especially dense.

- should be continuous mixing of the ingredients to avoid burning them.

- For a special piquancy to meat, chicken and seafood pre zamarinovyvayut for 2-3 hours.

wok - this output is not only for those who are crazy about Chinese and Asian cuisine.It also will please owners who like tasty and healthy food, but a minimum time of its preparation, and the shape and depth of the wok will not only fry foods, but even to cook soup and stew vegetables.