The kitchen of 12 square meters.

Kitchen Design 12 square meters.m, despite a decent enough size and opportunities for part finish and everything in general is considered to be relatively complex.This is largely due to the inability to use the space wisely.In connection with this placement often becomes uncomfortable and "congested".Then we shall understand, what are plan kitchen 12 square meters.m.


kitchen area of ​​12 square meters.m in size is classified as "medium".The room is not so small to rearrange the fridge and a table in the other room.But this classic kitchen 12 square meters.m is not too large to allow your imagination "run wild."When you create a cozy corner, many are turning to professionals.However, the project kitchen 12 square meters.m can be formed independently.

of emphasis

Before you start doing a kitchen renovation 12 sq.m, you must determine the style, color space, and the option of arrangement of furniture.Square space, as practice shows, has more opportunities for the implementation of these i

deas.In this room you can put a medium-sized table, for example.In addition, making the project the kitchen 12 square meters.m, in this case, you can achieve the most convenient location of the furniture.The most difficult in terms of arrangement is considered narrow room with a window in the middle.In this case, rather difficult to place profitable furniture.


The kitchen 12 square meters.m can be in the style of "country" or "Provence".The room is very cozy and comfortable.But for the high-tech style will need more space.If we talk about the color, the interior of the kitchen 12 square meters.m will look great in bright and pastel colors.If you use the rich, bright colors, they are visually reduce the space.This is especially true for the square premises.The most fashionable design of the kitchen is considered to be 12 square meters.m white with elements of light wood.Increasingly popular today premises, furnished in Scandinavian style.Original accessories, textiles, and proper lighting will bring to the interior of the kitchen 12 square meters.m amenities.

Methods furniture arrangement

rich imagination and a vivid imagination certainly find its application in the 12 square meters.There are various options for placement of furniture.However, developing the interior of the kitchen 12 square meters.m, to be repelled by the architectural features that have room.Arrange furniture can T-, P-, U-shaped.There are also linear, double row, an island or peninsular options for placement of objects.Equally important in the regeneration of the room and have a need for apartment dwellers, as well as their quantity.Often, to save space, some owners of the two zones are combined into one.For example, you may have a very comfortable kitchen-living room.12 square meters.m, in some cases it is not enough if landlords want to create something original.

Corner L-shaped version

This arrangement of furniture is considered to be the most convenient.In this regard, and extremely prevalent.This scheme is very functional.With this arrangement, you can clearly divide the space into dining and working areas.Speaking of comfort and ergonomics, it should be noted that the angular square kitchen-dining room of 12 square meters.m with a work triangle, a full dining area, multiple units and lockers will be the best option for large families.Set can be positioned or along the blank walls, or to capture the space near the window.The room should be not only comfortable, but also safe.Therefore, if you decide to arrange furniture along the window, you need to think carefully a place where there will be work surface, stove and sink.You can, for example, to cook or wash dishes while enjoying the scenery.

direct location in one line

This option has attracted many of its compactness.Direct plan, is generally used in areas of a width of about 2 meters, with the window in the front wall.In this case the working zone is preferably arranged along one side.The rest of the space will be free to move and arrangement dining area.For more efficient use of storage space and a significant increase in spaciousness experts recommend to use the cupboards "in the ceiling."The dining area is best in this set are not round or square, and rectangular table.

double row placement

It is possible that the arrangement of furniture in one line does not suit owners.In this case, you can try to put the equipment and furniture along the opposite wall.To thus was comfortable working triangle recommended sink plate and to place with one and the other side of the refrigerator.At arrangement of the room so it is necessary that the distance between the parties is not less than 1.5 meters.Otherwise, the kitchen will be very crowded, especially if there will be several people at once.When placing the appliances and furniture in two rows significantly increased capacity of the room.But this limited space, which can be located dining table.In this case, it is necessary to postpone, or to a window or place closer to the door, that is not only not very aesthetically pleasing, but also very uncomfortable.However, you can make a table in another room.For example, connecting the kitchen to the living room or insulated balcony.

U- or U-shaped layout

These options are perfect for a wide square room.In these cases, forming a continuous row.P or U - shaped layout allows the most efficient use of storage space.Particularly interesting will look like this arrangement of objects, if the center of the room is a window.Also, this layout is often used in cooking studio, where there is no fourth wall.For the hostess this arrangement will be very comfortable, because everything you need is at hand.In order to get U, you need to order the set, which included present radius corner cabinets.

Island option

This layout is applied to the twelve squares are rare.Actually, the island can be installed where there is usually a dining table.However, this option is ideal for those who prefer to eat in the living room and in the house enough free rooms.In small rooms and one-bedroom apartments are unlikely to have the ability to move the table.In connection with this embodiment the island plan, it is generally used in houses.This area is convenient for cooking.On the island you can place the sink, stove or work surface.

Peninsular accommodation

As above mentioned, the island is not an option suited for all rooms.The fact that the place full area size 600 x 900, so that there is enough space for free movement virtually impossible.In this case, experts recommend to install a compact "peninsula".In his role may be a classic bar or a small console-style breakfast bar.With the use of this element in the interior will be added dynamism and modernity.This option is particularly suitable for singles.

"relief" space

Experts do not recommend overloading the room overhead cabinets.Significantly ease the space to make it more spacious help decorative hinged shelves with a variety of spice jars and cereals, as well as kitchenware.All items are selected at the same time in the same style.Should think through the plan in detail.Particular attention should be paid to the location of the most commonly used objects and tools.Equally important is how the movement will be carried out in the kitchen during the cooking process and where it is most convenient to install the stove or sink.

color furniture

defined the dimensions of items, go to the selection of colors and facades countertops.Today, the popular use of color mismatches the upper and lower surfaces.To bring brightness and create an effect of spaciousness, experts recommend to prefer neutral shades for the wall cabinets.The lower elevations are executed in dark colors.To further expand the space should be used glossy surfaces.Quite popular colors such facades as black, green, dark blue, red.In general, choose the appropriate set today is simple.Consultants in stores all help to calculate and choose the best option.

Zoning space

Separation of cuisine for dining and working areas can be accomplished in various ways.Appropriate to all elements of kitchen units along one wall.Instead, you can arrange a corner table with a group of chairs.Some apartment owners equip the kitchen berth.As it can be a neat compact sofa or sofa.The style of these items must, of course, combined with the overall design of the room.The original decision to consider equipping bay.This element is able to embellish even the standard room.The bay area is quite possible to accommodate upholstered furniture.You should choose compact versions to save space.Add originality in design can, to equip a small greenhouse.


equipment in the kitchen 12 square meters.m can accommodate a lot of necessary and useful items.Experts recommend choose a complete set so that it will provide maximum comfort for its compactness.For example, instead of the standard plates you can buy a more modern version - the oven and hob.Thus these elements can accommodate as is convenient.Many professional designers recommend to install the oven above or at the level of the hob.It should be noted that with this arrangement and agree to the hostess.Not very convenient to bend all the time to see it in the oven.And at the recommended location is enough to turn around and assess the degree of readiness of dishes.As for the refrigerator, the experts advise to choose the model so that it coincides in depth with the rest of the furniture.In this case, it is guaranteed to fit into the interior.Many people believe that extra dishwasher.However, in practice, due to the subject of home appliances save time and effort mistresses.On the area of ​​12 sq m.You can find a place for her.Mandatory attribute considered and small household appliances.However, over time it can accumulate quite a lot.For her, it is desirable to provide storage space.It is expedient to allocate to small appliances are not mounted and floor-standing cabinet.