"Aquaphor Crystal" - a pledge of clean water

At present, the drinking water includes a wide variety of impurities which may adversely affect the health of consumers.Today, there are many models of cleaning filters, but the most popular is "Aquaphor Crystal".His model has a stylish design, high speed and efficiency of water purification.

principles of the filter

Thanks to a multi-stage filtration water purifier produces high-quality water purification.The water is filtered through three modules which in turn are made on the principle karbonobloka.Each contains activated carbon and a fibrous material Akvalit.

Filter "Aquaphor Crystal" is able to quickly remove the impurities of chlorine, heavy metals and various organic particles.Due to its excipients purifier soften hard water, and filtering it, it does not allow to form a film, a white precipitate deposits.

"Aquaphor Crystal" features a compact heavy-duty housing, which includes a food-reinforced plastic.Due to its compactness easily it can be placed on the inner wall, and below the sink

.For ease of use tap for purified water is mounted as a separate element in the sink.

replacement cartridge

Included in Cleaning Equipment attached replaceable cartridges that contain a higher sorbent composition.Their presence improves the life of the filter and increases the effectiveness of the protection from organic and chemical contaminants, which make traditional cartridge less effective.

"Aquaphor Crystal" is able to remove almost all kinds of pollutants that get into the tap water, and reduce the percentage of water hardness and prevent scum.

in each of the modules increases the quality of filtration due to the large content of the sorbent.Module replacement is not difficult, as this model has a mounting filters for special brackets, which make the purification plant available.Also, this filter is unique in that the module must be replaced, along with the body, which helps protect against bacteria during replacement.


Some companies in the manufacture of household cleaning filters used a process that has been used for industrial water treatment devices.But this leads to the production of low-quality products that are poorly purified water or easily damaged.

company "Aquaphor" from the first days of existence specializes in creating household cleaners.Long experience has allowed us to develop one of the best models - filter "Aquaphor Crystal", which, thanks to a unique technology that copes with cleaning tap water.

Benefits filters

Represented filter has several advantages over similar models:

  • for deep cleaning of tap water.Substance capable of removing chlorine impurities and colloidal iron metal, and organic compounds.
  • more efficient cleaning due to additional modules and the maximum number of sorbents.
  • protection from disease-causing bacteria is provided by the fact that it is possible to replace the cartridge with the housing.
  • opportunity to choose the module depending on the quality of water that will effectively clean the water in a given region.
  • easy to replace cartridges quickly and easily change modules.


Most consumers have become used instead of the usual filter-jugs "Aquaphor Crystal".Reviews have shown that after application of a new generation of cleaners to improve water quality, it is possible budget savings, since many moms no longer need to purchase a children's water.These responses provide an opportunity to explore the consumer demand for filter "Aquaphor Crystal".