Kitchen "Linda" - invented for you

Currently, the market is full of numerous offers to sell kitchens.How not to get lost in this diversity, the product of a most experts recommend buying everything for the room?

They often recommend dishes "Linda".

Who manufactures this product?

Makes his eponymous furniture factory, located in Italy.She has more than 18 years, it holds a leading position in the furniture market, offering consumers a stylish, modern, ergonomic furniture for children's rooms and kitchens to order.In addition, the company offers a walk-in closets, wardrobes and other furniture.

Specialists of the factory can perform even the most complex orders for arrangement of business premises - hotels, restaurants, boutiques, entertainment centers, offices.Furniture companies are very diverse.Assortment list of components and materials of manufacture allows us to produce a kitchen that will blend with any interior.

Allow to appreciate the cuisine "Linda" features photos and descriptions.

focused on what the buyer of these
products?Their features

If you follow the fashion and young, the kitchen Linda (Linda) - this is what you need.The models of these products are designed for young people.A characteristic feature of Italian cuisine Linda is a door that is flush handle.Kitchen "Linda" from Lube - is the perfect combination of practicality and elegance.They are a prime example of high-tech kitchens of the XXI century.Plastic products in the form of brown and silver strips of corrugated horizontal direction.Kitchen "Linda", made of laminated chipboard, have unique properties.

They are:

- resistant to cracks, scratches, bumps and stains;

- not exposed to high temperatures, water, steam, grease, chemical reagents used in the home;

- does not fade under the influence of sunlight.

Kitchen "Linda": reviews

Customers who bought this furniture company noted such advantages and disadvantages kitchens "Linda".


- a wide range;

- guaranteed long life;

- ease of assembly;

- high quality.


- decent price on the furniture;

- bad job finishers at the end of the warranty period.

course, acquiring such a thing, you must be very careful not to buy a fake, because only the kitchen "Linda", manufactured by the Italian factory, guarantee quality.