Kitchen "Shatura": furniture, catalog, photos, prices and reviews

Each room in the house of a man has a purpose and direction of use, determines its functionality, but it is unlikely someone will be able to argue about the indispensability of the kitchen, not only as a place of cooking and eating, but also as the main room in the apartment.Comfortable seating, accompanied by a warm conversation, arena fights and the family pot of emotions, as well as a cozy and practical place for the reception - this is only a small part of the huge list of appointments that are characteristic for the kitchen.How important family decisions were made here?How many events going on within the walls of this room?For this reason, the interior of the kitchen should not only facilitate the activities related to the provision of food family members, but also, necessarily, should generate positive energy.Creation of interior comfort is another important task of the kitchen, the mood of the hosts and their guests.

Kitchen "Shatura" not only meet all the requirements of today's consumers, but

also, among other things, have a lot of advantages.It is the simplicity and brevity of the furniture component, in harmony with the most fashionable trends of our time, make these dishes is quite popular not only in the domestic market, but also far beyond.


Kitchen "Shatura" - furniture, which is the most recognized brand in the world.The manufacturer is focused on middle-class consumers having low incomes, but dreaming of the possibility of a decent design of their homes.Therefore it is not surprising that the demand for production of the company is huge, and the kitchen of this brand are always in demand.The share of the company for the production of kitchens and furniture in the vast Russia is 5%, and the love and recognition of customers allow it to year to win and win prizes in different competitive categories, the main criterion of which is the quality and success of the brand.Information on the benefits of people's kitchens says sympathy to the company "Shatura".Furniture, released under this brand, has bright and practical design.

Design and direction of styles

main direction of the design of the product is such a style as minimalism.Kitchen "Shatura" differ in their functionality and ease of design solutions.Absolutely anyone is not only convenient to use the furniture, but just to be in her furnished room.But minimalism is not the only direction in the design decision.These elements, in addition to the mainstream, perfectly combine styles such as classical, country, ethnic, baroque neostil, modern, and many others.A distinctive feature of the production of various models is their focus on the tastes and desires of domestic consumers, who are more than familiar with the designers of the company "Shatura".Anyone can not just order a sample of the finished dishes on an existing sketch, but he take a direct part in the drafting of its future furniture.

Interior and technological solutions

Kitchen "Shatura" - furniture, in the manufacture of which uses only the latest technology.The technique of "multiplex" allows you to glue several wooden elements in order to achieve a particular strength and moisture resistance, which is especially important for the interior of such premises.The used hardware is different quality, durability and reliability.These elements make the operation of the various moving parts convenient and reliable construction, which not only makes it easier to use, but also significantly increases the time of operation.Tables and Chairs Company "Shatura" attract the attention.Made with great care, they hit their external appearance, compactness, strength and comfort.Surprising diversity of materials from which made kitchen furniture.Wood, plastic, MDF, PVC, leather, and even stone - only a small part of the materials used to solve a variety of creative questions.In general, we note that the main difference between these kitchens is the use of different functional units that are easy to install in absolutely any room, regardless of its size.

price factor

Kitchen "Shatura" differ quite a low threshold value.Because of this, anyone can pick up the interest of his model at prices considerably lower than those of other manufacturers to the same quality of cuisine will exceed the corresponding figures counterparts.Fans of more representative models do not be upset and define this production as a purely budgetary organizations.Company "Shatura", the furniture which has a low price, high quality and long service life, produces a truly elite samples.A huge number of catalogs with different models is a direct proof of that.This is another proof that the kitchen "Shatura", the prices of which are suitable for any buyer to meet the needs of almost anyone who believes that it is necessary to diversify the grayness of everyday life with beautiful things and worthy interiors of their homes.

Highest price to the kitchen "Shatura" is practically impossible to establish because of his intense dynamics.Prepared dishes are from 8 to 25 thousand. Rub.And to acquire the kitchen entirely is not necessarily, you just select the required elements and their order only.Thus, your kitchen space can be combined with elements of the model you liked the sample, thus saving tens of thousands of rubles.Elite lineups are 40 thousand. And more.But do not question the company's motto of low cost products and accuse her of cheating.On all the goods provided by installments, without the first payment, and if there is information on the cheaper produce than the company "Shatura", the furniture will be available at a significant discount, which will dispel all doubts about the necessity of acquiring it at the brand.When ordering dishes on the Internet payment for them is made only upon delivery, without the need for pre-payment.

way to purchase

Since food company "Shatura" is a product of domestic production, the issue of their acquisition and installation will not cause absolutely no difficulties.Implements the kitchen, not only in official trade representative offices, but in most furniture stores Russian cities.Ease of ordering, delivery speed and professional approach will surprise anyone.In addition to the sales of products in the stores, the company "Shatura" extensive use of the Internet to spread their goods.Order online store kitchens the company to save time, but the fear of the acquisition pig in a poke finally dispel the quality of the delivered products.Kitchen "Shatura" feedback on the quality that has always distinguished enviable positive component, is not deceived expectations for any method of purchase.Numerous catalogs and stores the addresses of sites will greatly facilitate the process of finding and identifying the most convenient way to shop at the nearest place of sale of goods.


A variety of cuisines and a lot of really impressive in terms of design decisions allow absolutely no worry about solving the issue of registration of premises with the help of the brand "Shatura".Kitchen, photos of which are well represented in numerous catalogs, different variety that will surprise anyone that once again shows the understanding of chosen course of action.The colors include all shades of brown and milky, or bright, in the form of blue, green and lemon, will give the opportunity to a decent choice.

Trends in the production of kitchens "Shatura┬╗

Company "Shatura" is not in place and seeks not only to retain the conquered peaks, but also to conquer the higher grades, as well as to set, at first glance, a daunting task.Whatever the plan for the further development of the brand will always highlights the following indicators:

- the price factor, calculated on a simple consumer;

- the quality of products;

- suggestions and comments yet.

Sociological studies conducted by the company have shown that almost 82% of consumers prefer simple but functional kitchen that for now and the near future and determine the direction of the production company "Shatura", Furniture which always meets all the necessary parameters.There is no doubt that any fluctuations in the desires and preferences of consumers will take into account the data of the production.

Kitchen "Shatura": reviews

reviews of these products are mostly only positive.Many of the benefits of cuisines "Shatura" can not remain indifferent to the hearts of consumers.The already low prices for the furniture through various shares fall further, which of course can not please fans of this product.And the fact that the price reduction does not affect the quality of products, further fuels the interest in the company.Many customers enjoy the fact that the choice of cuisine is characterized by simplicity and the possibility of a combination with any liked model elements of the interior of their homes.In addition, to the forefront trouble-free operation of mobile elements and the possibility of their cuisine replacement.

At the request of the client company can always change the external component of the visible parts of the fittings.This is very important, especially in the presence of young children, which should provide a special design handles cabinets and nightstands.This will ensure that the absence of the possibility of easy opening sections with instruments that represent a danger to the health of the baby.Many issues of this nature are taken into account at the design stage, which is also an advantage of the company "Shatura".Furniture (Kitchen), reviews of which differ in the degree of admiration and the power of positive emotions, represents the best examples of modern design, which is also observed by all users and fans of the brand.It is not necessary to feel more unworthy, it is necessary to raise his head and look at the world safely, and to drop all restrictions.Live in a fun, self-catering "Shatura"!