Damask - it is something that should be in every home

Stoph - an ancient Russian unit volume of the liquid and the vessel for alcoholic beverages.

story of

Russian people are generous, sincere, but there are not very organized, so damasks were different.Previously, they were made of green glass in the form of square squat bottle with a short neck.Damask - a unit of liquid volume of about 1.23 liters.Such damasks called "desyatirikovymi."There were still osmerikovye damasks, which, in contrast to "normal" cousins, were equal to the eighth of the bucket, not the tenth.

historically evolved that damasks measured amount of vodka and wine drinks.This was the reason for the development of such industries as manufacturing souvenir and gift containers with the same name.Damask - it's more than just a universal surprise.Such a thing can cause a storm of positive emotions and gives the opportunity to surprise a man.

Dishes for spirits

Culture drinking hard liquor - it's not just big words, and the existing set of rules to be followed to not only enjoy the

process, but also to maintain health.By the same part of the culture refers utensils for alcoholic beverages.Damask - How much is a drink?One damask - about 1.23 liters polushtof - circle, and about 60 mg - shkalik.From the title of the measure, and so became known as the bottle, which was placed damask.

The modern production of alcoholic beverages have been used for other volumes as to produce a traditional damasks measure is not required.All the customs that have survived from those times and reworked with a modern twist, can affect and delight no worse than the old models of these vessels.

Stoph - a big bottle with an elegant cap.It may be made of crystal, ceramics, glass or porcelain.It is recommended to give preference to a glass container because they see better quality and color of the drink.Ceramic damasks for the wonderful vodka to keep the temperature of the drink and its unique aroma.But in most cases it is made crystal vessels, surprising complexity of performance and beauty.

What can be found damasks gift

Today you can see vessels of this type of a variety of forms, many of them are a real work of art.On the souvenir damasks can see stories involving politicians and modern symbols of success.On vessels depict entire buildings, architectural monuments, musical instruments, celebrities or complex compositions.Damasks are made in the form of ordinary objects found in everyday life.It is easy to find a suitable product related to the profession or hobby.
example, gifts to people - a fan of everything related to computers, it will be nice to get a gift damask "Programmer" or "Hacker" with glasses.It is unique, and on the other hand, the usual souvenir give the opportunity to surprise guests.

men are hard to please with a gift.But in such a case you need to choose from a win-win options, which include kits for alcohol.Even if a man bestow indifferent to alcohol, it does not mean that its ownership should not be a purely men's accessories to which the damask and concerns.

Select damask

options for gift requirement is the presence of close lid securely.It is desirable that the product was to stand and sufficiently stable.If you plan to buy a damask for home use only, then you can select the decorative jar with a lid.Closes this bottle wood, silicone or plastic stopper.

Stoph - is how much vodka?More liter!Therefore, it often used polushtof.This drink has long been very fond of Russians.Use it often, so the name is associated primarily with vodka.Beautiful and practical in the old subject - damask for vodka - necessarily always present on the table.Today, its value is not lost, but he found other functions.

Modern damasks gift - a functional table decoration.There are many specialty stores that can offer customers such vessels vodka, brandy, whiskey.Souvenir damasks often offered complete with glasses or stacks.These original compositions will certainly occupy a worthy place in every home.