The remarkable fusion cuisine?

At all times people tried to combine seemingly incongruous things.I do not always get something good, but sometimes the result exceeded all expectations.

What is fusion cuisine?

Japanese rolls, Mediterranean salads, Chinese noodles and many different delicacies - there are so many delicious dishes, but why is it all separate from each other?Is it every time you need to choose?And that instead, to connect all the finest elements from the cuisines of the world?In fact, everything is possible.

fusion cuisine (from the English fusion - fusion, blending) - at the same time one of the old and new trends in cooking.However, the term refers not only to
this area it is possible to meet virtually anywhere.With regard to the peculiarity of this style of cooking is to combine incompatible.But this is not a hodgepodge, as it might seem, each dish is carefully calibrated and literally a masterpiece of cooking art.Only top-quality filigree cooks can connect the elements of the European and Asian or Mediterran

ean and Pacific Rim cuisine.However, on a more or less basic level, this area is available for everybody.


course, at all times there were people who were looking for new tastes and combinations.
They gave the world the wonderful dishes now seem familiar and surprising.But once seemed unimaginable combination of wild and scary because popular.

However, fusion cuisine gets its name not so long ago, despite the fact that its existence is clearly has hundreds, probably even thousands of years.It is not known who first returned to this area.One version - French chefs who wanted to rekindle fading interest in their culinary traditions.Another option - the Americans, angry at the world for what they considered to be fast food cuisine.In any case, the rebirth of this trend has given a powerful impetus to the experiments, including at home.

How to do it?

talented self-taught chef, unfortunately rare, but it does not mean that the kitchen
fusion is not available to mere mortals.The first steps in this direction can be guided by the following principles:

  • add traditional unusual spices;
  • replace the usual ingredients more exotic (instead of an apple - mango and pineapple);
  • combining European cuisine with an oriental sauces;
  • experiment with design;
  • adapt the recipes to local tastes.

mark an unusual touch is completely in any dish, but it must be remembered that in any case all the ingredients should be fresh and of good quality.Even fusion cuisine does not allow the use of cheap cheese instead of Parmesan cheese in recipes
Italian style.

can easily diversify your diet, if you do not be afraid to experiment.Initially, you can only slightly change the usual recipes, adding unfamiliar spices, making the meal a little more acute or to focus on the acidity.The taste of each ingredient should be felt individually, but in general, you must be a harmonious composition.That is the true fusion cuisine.

Other modern styles

In the face of fierce competition in the restaurant industry chefs have to invent new avenues to please demanding guests.Perhaps one of the newest and most unusual styles - molecular cuisine.Its peculiarity is that all dishes are served in a very unexpected way: cream of salmon, beetroot ice cream, spaghetti, spinach, strawberry foam.Talented chefs believe that this is a return to basics, pure taste.But to repeat it at home without professional equipment is practically impossible because of the special conditions of preparation.So while the cooks, following fashion trends, is to develop fusion cuisine.