The kitchen in the chalet style.

variety of styles of interior decoration's main objective: to give the room finished, harmonious appearance and create an atmosphere of comfort.With these objectives perfectly copes chalet-style design that is equally suitable for the living room and bathroom, and for the corridor, and, of course, for the kitchen.Let the last detail.After all, here he loves the whole family, so the situation must have.This design direction emerged in France and bears the features of rural life in Switzerland.The style is similar to the country, but at the same time has its own characteristics.Typically, in this direction is made small-sized kitchen.As a result, it becomes like a cozy cabin in the mountains.This kind of design hotel ideal for a country house, but it is appropriate in a city apartment.As a result, you will have a kitchen in the chalet-style, full of charm, simplicity and romantic warmth.

originality of style chalet

name originated from the name of Alpine wooden huts in which shepherds loved to stop, w

aiting for the weather.Therefore, in the chosen design space design direction pursues certain objectives.The main thing - to convey the atmosphere of a village house in the mountains, the proximity of nature.That is why artificial materials banned, used only natural stone, leather, iron, copper and wood.

Color solution

To create a sense of natural beauty, suitable neutral beige tone.Also chalet style in the interior of the kitchen is to use brown, green, blue color.Acceptable use the red blotches.The color palette complement the sand shades will also be organically look black, yellow, orange, wood and gray paint.

Making floor and ceiling

widely used wood.It may be a natural color or be darkened antique.The appeal of the material lies in the unique flavor, it creates a rich range of tactile sensations and lets you experience the natural energy.Therefore, the tree is the basis of style chalet.Paul can be covered with unpainted solid wood planks or slabs of stone.The beams on the low ceiling can be unbleached, dark.The elements made from wood lacquered room.Stone adds a tree when a chalet-style interior, the natural material can be replaced with tiles or decorative plaster.

Kitchen walls

walls made of logs, sawn in half or trim wood paneling.They can be coated with latex paint green, brown or blue.Welcome natural shades.Great finish looks combination of niches in the walls of natural stone and textured plaster.


If the kitchen is decorated in a chalet style, it should complement the furniture, made deliberately simple, rough form: a massive table, wardrobes, tables and small cupboards, numerous shelves.Chairs - carved or decorated with leather headboards.Objects can be made of artificially aged wood.From oak species are preferred.As a rule, the furniture is not varnished and waxed to give it a matt finish.As an option for use in the country - wicker chairs and a table.Due to the large number of items in the room a feeling of tightness, but at the same time - comfort and peace.Wooden furniture, shelves decorated with hand-painted.Since the modern kitchen in the chalet-style filled with various household appliances, their presence is necessary to disguise so as not to spoil the impression of the design imitating farmhouse.For this technique (washing machine, cooker) inserted into cabinets, cover doors, facades of furniture or drape curtains and screens.Used decorating stencil drawings, in order to hide the presence of a gas column in the kitchen and other contemporary subjects.Cooker hoods can be disguised as a tube, decorate it under the brickwork.


on shelves, tables and side tables would be appropriate to place a variety of figurines of animals, beautiful pottery with decorative paintings, copper kettles, jars for cereals and spices, colorful and beautiful boxes, wicker baskets, boxes.On the walls you can hang kitchen utensils, landscapes depicting rural life, mountains, forests, fragrant flowers and herbs in bundles woven tapestries.All elements must be in harmony with each other and complement the interior, whose purpose - to convey closeness to nature.Decoration Design serve made of thick cotton or linen pillows with embroidery, napkins, a tablecloth on the dining table.It is important to use interior products by himself.Paul recommended to lay a colorful rug or animal skin.If the kitchen in chalet style is close to the living room, it will complement the fireplace.It will give the room a feeling of warmth and coziness.This constant attribute alpine huts must be covered with natural stone.Its portal trim a tree.The shelves have a variety of interesting gizmos personifying nature.The dining table is necessary to put close to the fire with live fire.The windows need to hang translucent, do not reach the floor, the curtains.They must transmit light.Lighting - a very important moment in the creation of design.It will be a great addition metal wall lamps.Better to choose a chandelier forged, bronze, with light bulbs, made in the form of candles.It should look antique and create the desired flavor cuisine in chalet style.Photos show how attractive it looks design direction interior decoration.But in fact, as a rule, seldom follow the style in every detail.After all, he has a bright originality and must bring into harmony all the rooms of an apartment or house.Take into account all the requirements can only be a professional designer.But in a kitchen it is quite possible to create a unique atmosphere of an alpine hut, using some elements of style.As a result, the interior takes on comfort, warmth and unique charm.