Country-kitchen - simplicity and naturalness

design in country style is gaining popularity in Russia.It can be considered the best solution for kitchen design.Kitchen utensils, food stocks fit perfectly into the interior in the style of the country.It symbolizes reliability, comfort of home, the spirit of life in the countryside and at the same time are practical and refinement.

Country-kitchen - a simple, comfortable, warm and somewhat naive premise.This style is far from frills and gloss, but at the same time it is bright and fancy.It looks great products made by hand - embroidery, forging, stamping, and so on. D. Country-kitchen is to use only natural natural materials, and it is desirable to retain their natural texture.You need to give up plastic, smooth surfaces.

features country style kitchen

country differs from its analogues in other styles especially simple and even somewhat rough wooden furniture.It can be uncolored or lightly shaded using "stain."Country Kitchen (photo you can see in this article) will have completed the form

without the use of textiles.To do this, use the homespun cloth, canvas, burlap, unbleached linen.Decorate textiles lace, embroidery, ribbons.

Importance parts

Add in the interior of the room a little bit of wicker products - lampshades, baskets, decorative trifles.All this will create an original and with nothing comparable country-entourage.It does not become excessive and painting on the walls or furniture.These can be not only trees and flowers, animals and birds, and geometric patterns.

Choose dishes

Country-kitchen in need of special dishes and kitchen utensils.Thus it is necessary to combine practical and decorative.First of all you should be interested in ceramics - pitchers, plates, pots, cups and bowls from a black or red clay.There will also be appropriate wooden spatulas and spoons and cutlery.

Ornamental plants

obligatory complement to the interior in the style of the country are ornamental and houseplants - geranium, violets.On the window sill can be placed neat boxes with greens.Effectively look and dried branches and flowers.Place on the wall shelves with jars in which you store cereals, spices.And all these things can be stored in a linen bags with embroidered inscriptions.

White kitchen

Special attention should be country-kitchen white.So often decorate a room in the Nordic countries.Light wood - beech, birch, pine and a lot of white-colored interior is very impressive.All used shades restrained and cool.They reflect light well.

for decoration often use shades of red and blue.Furniture Scandinavian cuisine is very convenient, though, perhaps, devoid of decorative elements - all plane completely simple and smooth.Table top, usually of wood, impregnated with oil.All the furniture is devoid of ostentatious - no cumbersome portals, massive hoods.However, it is not in the kitchen so much.

vitality and color in interior textiles adds.This cell, simple floral pattern, stripe.