Flexible Slate Instead of ceramic tiles

comes a time when each of us will do
repair.Yes, this step is delayed and postponed indefinitely.But,
decision was made and once there is a lot of questions.And one of them - the choice of finishing materials.Today it comes to flooring.Ceramic tiles, leather tile, laminate, flooring, linoleum, marble, granite.But this list would be incomplete if it does not add another
wonderful material - a flexible slate.

Flexible slate - a very thin slice of slate stone,
glued on a flexible basis.This is absolutely unique material.Available in different sizes it for different needs, but each piece of stone is always unique pattern, because it does not create a human hand, not a soulless machine, and nature itself for billions of years.Even buying a slate of one party from the same seller, you will not see a recurring pattern.Yes, it will be similar, but still different.Herein lies its uniqueness.

Now used as a floor covering.

Flexible slate can be used instead of ceramic tiles
.And, you can lay a large surf

ace of the sheets, creating
solid stone surface without clearly visible joints, and can be used
slate, cut to the size you want, glue it with pointing,
seams and fill the usual tile grout desired color.It only remains to connect

be glued to the usual slate of flexible tile adhesive, under a
same way you can set the display.On it you can walk in the shoes, put on him
furniture and drop it from the pan lid.Only tiles
when such treatment is likely to crack, and the stone bear this burden without
any consequences.It is easy to service, it is not afraid
chemicals and requires no additional processing.Is not it find?

Many stop tiling.It is always a long,
always very dirty and noisy.Many refuse for this reason and on the inlaid parquet
, preferring a laminated analogue or parquet
board.They set a day or two and forget about the need for a week or two to watch
not always fresh workers.But this cover is not suitable for kitchen floors.
Alas.Wood can not cope with such a barbaric treatment.Here to help can come
flexible slate, but only in the form of laminated flooring.No, it will not
imitation stone, it will not be drawing on MDF panels.It will be a slate,
glued on top of the panel itself.Due to its small thickness, the material does not dramatically increase the height and weight of each panel, but will give it the necessary strength at the level of ceramic tiles.Only in this case, you avoid the heavy and dirty tile work.The coating can also be warm underfloor heating, and in the event of failure stokes spiral will not need to open the tiled floor and arrange the apartment newly renovated.It would be enough to raise the panels of slate, replace heated floor and put the slate in place.With all that you continue to walk on hard-coating, beautiful and very practical.

Yes, I think this is not the cheapest "pleasure".But we do not consider the questions in this article cheaper process.Would eat speech was about it, I would recommend the linoleum.As they say, cheap and cheerful.We are talking about the new product, an environmentally friendly material, unique for its beauty and has a very practical material.And it is - slate.