Ducts for the drawing for the kitchen: the types and characteristics of installation

Hood - a mandatory element of any kitchen, which provides clean air and the withdrawal of excessive moisture from the room.There are different types of devices supplied.However, the most commonly used exhaust duct.They are connected to a common ventilation system.Ducts for the drawing for the kitchen may have a different size, material of manufacture, color and shape.

So produced presented elements can be made of plastic or aluminum.The second option presented a corrugated pipe, one end of which is connected to the hood, and the other - to the vent.It is a cheap and practical.However, it is not very organically fit into the interior space, so these air ducts for kitchen hoods are installed in case they will be in a closed locker.The disadvantage of the flutes is that because of the folds so it can not effectively do its job.However, it is very quickly assembled and does not require any special tools.But you need to pay attention to the fact that the metal is not too thin, because it breaks down quickl


ducts for kitchen hoods made of plastic are sufficiently attractive design can have different shapes.In addition, these elements are very easy to clean, do not accumulate harmful bacteria on themselves.The only disadvantage of these products is that they can not withstand the high temperature and melted.In principle, in the home kitchen seldom there are situations when the hood passes through the air is too hot (over 90 degrees).Naturally, you need to select a device based on your individual requirements, as well as the conditions under which the item will be used.

now must figure out how to attach the air ducts for drawing for the kitchen.In principle, the procedure is relatively simple, and deal with it, you can without a specialist.However, all the work should be performed precisely and accurately.So, if you decide to use an aluminum element, then to connect to the hood and vent must purchase special clamps.Naturally, should choose a corrugation if the neck of the main unit, which will be attached to the product, has a circular shape.

During installation Make sure that the clamps are tight and the pipe itself did not have any sharp bends that will impede the outflow of steam.Also, be sure to pay attention to the fact that the air ducts for the kitchen hood should be as short as possible.In this case, the efficiency of the cleaner is highest.

for drawing a rectangular duct is also quite easy to install.The fact that it is sufficient to establish and attach to the cleaner clamp.No hassle this causes.However, if the hood is in the wall, then to the main duct will have to hitch knee.As to the form of cervical cleaner, there is no problem, as there are various adapters.