White kitchen interior - fresh solution

Perhaps someone once say that the kitchen is the white color in the interior - it is impractical.Others will notice that it is boring, not very original.We will not argue and try to reveal all the advantages of such a decision.

Many believe that white kitchen interior looks too technically and cold.The fact is that it is this effect and seek those who have decided to formalize it so.Perhaps it is not too original, but then apply to furniture made of precious wood?White kitchen interior - a classic which, as we know, must be original, because it is always relevant.Let's try to understand where the designers prefer to choose the white color in interior design kitchen.

small room

If you are dealing with a small, besides the dark kitchen, the furniture bright colors can visually reduce it.According to many experts, the white color - a symbol of purity and ... emptiness.Kitchen and furnished with white facades, will create a feeling of spaciousness.To enhance this effect, the designers use this te

chnique - they are using furniture with white lower cabinets and the top do with glass or translucent wings.Such a decision would be easier as the furniture, making it easier and does not clutter the space.It has the same effect and high gloss "lacquer" white facades.

White kitchen interior - Provence style

This is an amazing style, which involves the use of it is white in the interior.Besides furniture, it can be used in the finishing.If you prefer, you can buy furniture is not pure white, but close to it - cream, milk, butter.White kitchen interior in the style of Provence on the facade should have glass doors to the binding (similar to the French windows) shaped grooves.Furthermore, the effect of aging is allowed.To achieve it, the groove slightly toned.

White classic kitchen interior

traditional classic style as well as Provence, suggests the kitchen furniture in white.This spectacular sets, looking solid and expensive.Typically, the top drawers make high, almost to the stream, broad and massive stone.It allowed the effects of aging.The facades are decorated with relief decoration, different accents.

White kitchen interior - minimalism

This style involves not only the minimum amount of additional accessories and colors.In these kitchens dominated by white, but it is combined with some other color, in rare cases, two.The combination of black and white, or white with gray or blue.

White kitchen interior - design secrets

to your kitchen did not seem too cold, try to trim facades are not pure white and cream shades.This is especially true for rooms, windows that look to the north.Sometimes the white facades of the in a row, are somewhat monotonous.To avoid this, you must select furniture with relief, patterned doors.Such furniture will cost a bit more expensive, but the effect of expectations.