Kitchen furniture for a small kitchen: practical tips

It would seem, at a time when our country is in full swing were built "Khrushchev", designers and builders pursuing good purpose - to create maximum comfort for the hostess.The tiny kitchen (8 m2), had set her free from the tedious running between the refrigerator and stove to more spacious grounds.However, as time has shown, this concern is not too pleased malosemeek owners.

Modern designers come to the aid of the owners of these apartments, creating an original and comfortable interiors kitchens that allow you to visually expand a tiny space, make it more functional, using every centimeter of free space.In many ways, this helps them to kitchen furniture.For a small kitchen, it must be particularly calculated exactly this area.

Quite often in this small room is a lot of things that you use rarely, or they are not needed at all.Get rid of them, leaving only what is truly necessary.In addition, consider the possibility of your kitchen before you buy furniture.Kitchen sets the standard size even if

they fit in the room, you surely do not decorate it.

various hanging shelves (open and closed), Rellingen (tube of metal, which is hung kitchen utensils) - all of which help save space and place as much as possible really useful things.As already mentioned, the room needed for such a special small-sized furniture (kitchen).For a small kitchen optimal color scheme is soft light colors.Then the room will seem more spacious.

very nice and modern look of the facades of MDF.The choice of this material is so large (color, texture), you can easily pick the desired option.Absolutely all housewives are concerned about how their small room will be located all the furniture for kitchen.

for a small kitchen is necessary to properly use all the corners, niches, ledges.Ideal solve this problem sets, custom-made.Prefer models with a matte (or transparent) glass and glossy facades.It is much "easier" look not only furniture, but also the entire premises in general.

In spite of everything, even a very small room called the kitchen, it can be functional and comfortable.One need only a little effort and imagination.This will help you to correctly and professionally selected and installed kitchen furniture.

for a small kitchen ideal option may be considered the corner kit.Corner floor cabinets equipped with a special mechanism, which are fixed freely rotating shelves.Thus, the space in the corner of the room is fully utilized.

To save space, you will need a very roomy kitchen furniture.For a small kitchen with plenty of cabinets suitable boxes and hidden items.Do not forget about lighting.It is able to transform a small and not very comfortable in the kitchen is your favorite place in the apartment where you'll be happy to spend with family quiet family evenings.