Kitchen in a rustic style is becoming more popular

Country style (country music) is created with natural, natural materials in the finishing of the floor, walls and ceiling.Furthermore, it may be used in ceramic tile.Kitchen rustic require a lot of space, so often are in suburban homes.This design is rather popular today.This room is furnished with furniture and wooden facades or imitation.There are stained glass or glass inserts.Wood for this style is handled in a special way, as a result achieved the impression of antique furniture.It seems that the use of the kitchen for a long time.

sometimes lacquered furniture fronts, but achieve the effect of "craquelure" - small cracks in the coating.To enhance the effect of aging wood is treated with metal brushes.Soft layers of wood are removed and the pattern beneath artificial black.It turns out the effect of the age-old antiques.Kitchen rustic drawn bars and panels, and in addition, the glass with silk-screen printing or engraving.

special charm of this kitchen gives the installation of elements of wov

en vines or imitation.The design of the kitchen in a rustic style can be created using more modern materials - MDF or plastic.Today, in some cases, the kitchen is part of the living room, where decided to gather with family and friends.Therefore, its decoration in a rustic style is quite justified.

creation of such interior is simple and not too expensive, most importantly, pick up the necessary materials.You must use bright colors and harmonious texture.Kitchen rustic should be spacious, bright and comfortable.The beauty of this room lies in its simplicity and the presence of small parts.Very important in this case the light.It should be natural and filled the whole room.Therefore cuisine in a rustic style always have large windows.

also important to a skillful use of color.In this case, the basic tone - white.It is most often used in the design of the walls.Many prefer furniture and white or color approximate to it.Because of this, the space seem larger, lighter and surprisingly fresh.You can use all the pastel colors, but be careful that the color was not used too much.

Kitchen in rustic style (photo you see on the page) suggest a very spacious and functional furniture.It should be a lot of storage - closed cabinets and open shelves.For this kitchen is well suited moldings, cornices, decorative design of plants.Perfect for decorating the kitchen in country style - a self-made mats, embroidered towels, decorative plates, clay pots.On open shelves are appropriate wicker baskets with vegetables and fruits.

It is advisable to choose appliances in retro style (today trade organizations offer a wide range of such products).Textiles in the kitchen acquire in accordance with national traditions, quite often it is very bright.Tableware is also very important in the design of this room.It should be very simple, even a little rough.