Kitchen with island: features everything

kitchen with island is an excellent solution for the interior, which is able to make it not only practical, but also original.With this arrangement, we can solve a lot of problems with the placement of appliances and tools, as well as make the room more functional and easy to use.

It should be noted that the table that is used in this case may be used only for butchering products have hob, equipped with lots of drawers, and combined with a bar.The choice depends on your needs and the availability of free space.Most often, the table-island kitchen is set in a fairly large room or in the open-plan kitchen with dining area.It is possible to create such an interior, and in a small room, but then you need to be very careful in the choice of furniture.

Before placing food to be necessary to deal with the size of the island.The standard height of the section is about 90 cm and its width is equal to 1.2 m. Of course, there are other dimensions.If the furniture is lower, it can be successfully used for da

ily ingestion.Naturally, there are split-level tables.If the height of the furniture is big enough, but you are going to use it for meals, set beside her stools.

kitchen with island - it is a great option arrangement of space, which will be engaged at the same time preparing a meal and chat with the family, because you will not always be deployed back to the table.In order to work comfortably, we provide additional illumination to the work surface.Thereon, but plate can be positioned washing roaster and the other additional elements.However, it is necessary to take care of all the necessary communications.Under such a structure is easy to place different appliances such as a dishwasher or washing machine.

Kitchen with island goes well with wine cabinet, also located under the work surface.It should be noted that this design can be moved around the room, allowing you to choose the most optimal placement.A significant advantage of this option is also a fact that this furniture is executed in different styles: classic, high-tech, minimalist.Very beautiful design, modern antique.

kitchen with island, if it is provided hob must be fitted with a hood.Naturally, it can also have a different size, color and shape.In any case, it should have a nice view from all sides.It all depends on the overall style of kitchen design.The table may be located in the center of the room, and in its other area.

special charm and elegance of the room attached to the kitchen island with breakfast bar.Naturally, it will be above the main work surface, so the chairs must be appropriate.Particularly convenient in such an arrangement, if the table is built in a cleaning or plate.Optimal bar is in the case, if the room is small.