Samovar I and my Masha

Talk about old samovars.There is enough misconceptions of naive people who believe that everything old is, by definition, is very valuable.But not all so simple.In an era when there was no electric kettles, samovars were practically at all.So dig a miracle of thought in the attic of a chance is very large.But to find a potential buyer - the task more difficult.

To start to define what affects the price.Firstly, the material from which made the samovar, secondly, its artistic value.The most expensive items made by well-known artists of the precious metals, the market did not fall.They have already found their way into museums and private collections.

In today's market you can find antique samovars with a high level of decoration and original shapes.Such items can decorate collection.For example, here's the interesting specimen.It is made of a material with deep silvering and also decorated engraving.

Well, you can buy a samovar purely for the sake of his chaepitiynoy function.Still, there's somethi

ng primordially Russian.Samovar - is more than just a "device for boiling water and tea."It is a symbol - home comfort, hearth, warm company.In addition, you can make tea on the terrace outdoors.And besides, tea brewed in a samovar, delicious.It becomes soft water, which affects the taste of the prepared beverage.There is another feature of the samovar, allowing to brew black tea in compliance with the recipe.The water in the samovar to boil slowly, so it's easy to catch the moment when the temperature is perfect for brewing.Samovar while still sounds are emitted, allowing even inexperienced chaevedu determine the available time.For this purpose, you can buy inexpensive samovar made of brass and without monograms.The main thing is not leaking.

and should also be said about electric samovars.It is the cheapest and most convenient option, adapted to urban residents, and not without some claim to originality and identity.For example, here it is.

By the way, in the old samovars were not only used for its intended purpose.They also house heated.Any family, despite their income, it sought to buy a luxury item, which also was a necessity.

First samovars appeared in Tula.In the factories of the city is not only the first to produce, but for so many years kept the leadership in this industry.And to this day, he remained forge Tula samovars.The first factory for the production Tula samovars opened Lisitsyn brothers.They retrained of gunsmiths as the production of samovars was a matter of lucrative and competitors in those days, consider, was not.Factory, of course, is with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 80 square meters and 26 workers can be called a stretch.But it was she who gave birth samovaroproizvodstvu and glorified Tula later.And now to Tula with his samovar not drive.

Now everyone can find a market like the samovar.It's a simple way to return the spirit of a bygone era, to join the age-old Russian traditions and paying homage to their ancestors.