Comparative review of the most famous producers aerogrill

Aerogrill designed for cooking using heat treatment.This device is commercially available relatively little time, but it has already gained popularity among loyal fans of tasty and healthy food.

Aerogrill arranged very simply.To prepare the food, that is, to carry out its main functions, aerogrill installed a heating element (Tan, raises the temperature of the air), and the fans, giving the direction of these flows.One of the essential elements of the design is also a flask, into which the foods.

described parts of the structure are present in the structure of each aerogrill, but most manufacturers release their products in different ways, therefore, there can be significant differences in the quality and functionality.From this we can deduce that the analysis and correlation of attributes and characteristics will help to know which companies produce the best aerogrili.

1. Aerogrili Hotter.Hotter The company - one of the most well-known manufacturers aerogrill.Produced by the company products meet

all quality standards, and the number of functions of their products are superior to all other manufacturers.According to the capacity and power of their products is also bypassed other brands.TEN in aerogrill Hotter - a metal tube placed inside the electrical insulator - the heating element of this type is the most durable and environmentally friendly.Even if we take into account many of the advantages enjoyed by these aerogrili, "striking" a significant disadvantage - the high price.Cost aerogrill Hotter can reach up to 10,000, that is greater than the average price of aerogrili several times.

2. Aerogrili VES.Devices of the manufacturer in terms of functionality and quality level quite a bit inferior to the above-mentioned representative, but the cost is not so high - only 3000-5000 rubles.The parameters aerogrill VES are quite high, and the number of functions allows the preparation of the most original and delicious dishes.These devices are equipped with halogen Tan - he can properly perform its function of not more than 2 years.

3. Aerogrili Polaris, Supra, Mystery.Products Information manufacturers do not differ in quality and value.Regarding the above-described representatives described aerogrili markedly inferior in quality to the manufacture of other brands.Heating is provided in the same TAN manufactured using halogen.However, the price allows to some extent these drawbacks forgive.It is equal to 1-3 thousand rubles.Although the market can find a more expensive and, consequently, better models aerogrill these marks, on average, such devices do not stand high quality.You can also point out some differences between the marks described aerogrill.For example, the manufacturer Polaris produces aerogrili both low cost and more expensive models (with advanced features).

From the above brief overview it is clear that the call for a particular device Aerogrill best is not quite correct.The apparent at first glance, the decision - aerogrill Hotter - is not optimal, since these aerogrili too expensive.Aerogrill Polaris, Supra, Mystery, though remarkable lower price, still lacks some important features and options.The most appropriate choice is aerogrili branded VES - they will be able to surprise consumers are not only an acceptable price, but also the high quality of their work.