Top 10 Kitchen tops - Italian cuisine in the TOP

Comfortable and beautiful kitchen - a dream of every housewife.Ergonomic furniture, original design and absolute comfort are the main parameters of the best cuisine.Nowadays there are many different styles, of which all of us can choose your option and buy the kitchen of their dreams.After some investigation in the design world, we have identified the top 10 kitchen tops , who chose the basic number of mistresses.

So, TOP 10 kitchens today.

  1. In the first place we are Style High Tech.The style in which there is no place more than unnecessary items, exuberant decor and antiques.Design welcomes innovation, new solutions and simplicity of lines and colors.The kitchen of the future - as it is called professional designers.The High Tech kitchen has everything you need, the furniture is made only from the new materials and a new generation of appliances only.
  2. second place Topa 10 is natural and natural design.Eco-cuisine is as close to the nature.Indoor use only natural materials, from the walls and f
    inishing accessories, everything has to be very natural.Very welcome tree.Completely eliminate synthetic materials, as they will look very unnatural in eco-design.
  3. country-style kitchen as close to nature.This rustic style is loved a lot of designers.Aged wood, unpretentious rustic design and absolute comfort - this is the basic elements of a country style.
  4. French are of high quality and practicality.Immerse yourself in the time of Ludwig 14, inspired with the way of life of past years, and you are greeted by the design of the royal palace with its massive expensive furniture, complex structures and coarse-minded.
  5. the English style is softer.Mahogany, leather and fine cuisine will make your form an unusual and expensive.The design is welcome old classics and naturalness.
  6. Cuisine Asian-style contains elements of rock.The ideal combination would be furnished with stone countertops, wood floors and high-quality metal utensils.
  7. Tuscan style - is the abundance of frescoes and handmade.At the same time, to contrast design technique should be the very latest developments.
  8. gothic kitchen - an amateur.Ancient Gothic arches welcomed, stained glass and the presence of aged steel.The style is quite dark, so plentifully diluted bright ornaments and relevant drawings.
  9. Italian cuisine abound handiwork.The complex and delicate carvings, drawings and designs are carried out only masters of their craft.Countertops have a curved shape.Facades of such furniture can be made iznaturalnogo wood, veneer, glass, PVC film, MDF, laminated chipboard of various colors.Because of this unique opportunity, even classic Italian cuisine can be made in any color, with different types of patina.
  10. and completes our top 10 kitchen tops Art Nouveau style.He clearly stands out above designs.The kitchen has a lot of technology, at times, almost all the actions carried out housewife harvesters, washing, drying, and other advanced mechanical products.

When choosing a design is not necessarily strictly follow the above topu 10 , you can successfully combine styles and make something of their own.What matters is that your kitchen has an ergonomic, comfortable and pleasing to you.