Stainless steel sink is still relevant

Stainless steel for the manufacture of washing dish, perhaps one of the most famous and popular materials.Its advantages are determined, firstly, high strength, and secondly, a good hygienic quality, easy maintenance, and thirdly, the visual appeal and low price.Such criteria to select enough to stainless steel sink has not lost its popularity in the market for many years.And this despite the emergence of new, modern and immaculate appearance of granite, glass, artificial stone and even wood.

If a closer look at the quality and design features of stainless steel sinks, their advantages and disadvantages, the following should be noted.As a design element kitchen furniture design, these versatile and suited to any design, color and style decision premises.Modern manufacturers produce not only the classic "stainless steel", shining smooth polished surface with a light or semi-satin finish, but also options for making a coated light relief in the form of a simple pattern, simulating rough linen weave or a

nother invoice.Kitchen sink stainless steel with a matte surface texture is good that it is almost invisible stains and salt plaque from hard water, which is extremely attractive to zealous housewives.

good "stainless steel" should be made of high quality alloy of chromium and nickel with a minimum thickness of 7-8 mm, which provides it with excellent corrosion protection, impact resistance, resistance to high temperatures.Agree, nice when the kitchen sink may be safely put a hot pan, skillet, pour boiling water, oil, etc.It is important to wash stainless steel meet the requirements of ecological safety, r. E. The steel from which it is made, used in the food industry, had a part of heavy metal impurities, and good resistance to corrosion.One of the best, but it is not cheap and is considered an alloy grade AISI304, which really meets all quality requirements.

Stainless steel sinks are made in two ways: from a single stamping and welding steel sheet when the cup is connected to the base by means of welding.The second method allows you to sink any depth and configuration, which is certainly much more convenient.The welding seam is masked by a careful grinding and polishing.Pressing the same method is good that the product has an impeccable integrity.

In today's market their products represent a variety of manufacturers.Among the European companies can distinguish TEKA, FRANKE and BLANCO, washing which are of high quality and, therefore, cost.More democratic is a range of Turkish manufacturers' ARTENOVA "" Oscar ".It competitive products Chinese firms, which has a wide range, low price and high quality.

Stainless steel sink has two drawbacks: a high level of noise from the rushing water and the lack of protection of the surface from scratches.The rest of it is completely flawless.

choosing a sink, guided by their needs and desires.Fortunately, models and configurations of these products are so many that they may be able to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding customer.For kitchen units producing washing overhead stainless steel, which are very easy to install and specially made for cabinet kitchen furniture.When you select a note some functional features of "stainless steel".Firstly, its depth should be at least 18 cm, then the water will not splash and slosh.Secondly, we must note that on a shiny polished surface there are traces of drops and stains, but it is easier to clean out the fatty plaque.Matt laundered more complicated, but it is not visible spots.Third, we should pay attention to the manufacturer, domestic or imported, well proven in the market, on the product packaging and a certificate of quality.