Wooden kitchen - an aristocratic version of the interior

Kitchen - is probably the most popular place for the whole family.It is against all odds and too rhythmic way of life gather all its members, not just to eat, and share all the emotions and events with the closest people.Not surprisingly, many furnish this room with great care and love.Currently, the increasing popularity regain wooden kitchen.Why is this happening and what are the advantages of this material, we consider in this article.

Style "country", namely the so-called preferred wooden decoration - it's old, that always loses its novelty due to the harmony of designers and decorators.Wooden kitchen will surely evoke upon us the spirit of the past, captivating in its simplicity and elegance at the same time.However, experts in one voice say that it was the same kind and noble material, and home furnishings made from it, should occupy in our lives but not least, the place.

The same wooden kitchen so qualitatively different from their own kind, but made of a different material?We must start w

ith the absolute security of this type of health.The tree - an environmentally friendly, hygienic and harmless material created by nature itself, so no allergic reactions should not fear even the most avid allergies.Versatility - following a positive thing.In any environment and in any environment, wooden kitchen look completely to the point and give the room a certain aristocratic spirit, while at the same time creating an inexpressible comfort and warmth.

Naturally, the tree itself in the volatile microclimate stand for a short time - high humidity and temperature changes adversely affect its appearance.But precisely in order to avoid similar cases in the mandatory array fitted by a protective film that keeps for many years, and aesthetic and functional quality furniture.

Wooden dishes, the prices of which vary in a wide range, you can pick up on a variety of characteristics.One of the main evaluation parameters is the type of material and in this case wood.Most preferred, and therefore the most well-known are the oak, walnut, ash and beech.Of course, each of them has its small and negative characteristics.For example, oak - the most durable and decorative type of material, but very often breaks, resulting in an array of furniture, usually decorated with carving, which looks very nice.Beech has a light color, so often subjected to staining.Ash and walnut are not much different in terms of quality from the above valuable species, which is why they are among the most expensive types.Despite the fact that the type of material may be different, the price of an average kitchen set from this tree will not be less than forty thousand rubles, and the finishing of glass, marble or other decorative materials are added to the cost of a couple of tens of thousands.

Wooden kitchen photos are presented in this article to cause the most contradictory feelings.On the one hand, it is very beautiful, practical and safe furniture.But it is worth thinking about what it is used for the manufacture of solid wood only, that is, they have to cut down, which is detrimental impact on the ecological state of the planet.Think about it and try to make the right choice!