Production of aluminum doors and installation

Aluminum is now very popular in construction.It has many advantages and good performance characteristics.From this construct buildings, make windows and doors.Suitable for the metal and interior decoration.In this article you will learn more about how the manufacturer of aluminum doors.

Pros articles

presented designs are used almost everywhere.Production of aluminum doors occurs in plants.In addition, to design such a product you may own, using metal profiles.Among the advantages of such structures can be distinguished are:

- High strength.

- Low weight.

- Corrosion resistance.Especially as the metal at the production stage is further processed by special means.

- reasonable cost.

- Easy maintenance and installation.

- Security.The fact that the treated sections did not secrete any harmful substances, and do not contain heavy metal salts.

- Production of aluminum doors is fast.

- Availability.

- Durability.

Yet you are the windows and doors fit well with almost any decor.

product defects

Each ointment is a fly in the ointment.Production of aluminum doors has certain disadvantages:

1. Standard construction is not very suitable for home design.It is best to install in public places.

2. When closing the doors are a bit noisy.Although this disadvantage can be eliminated with a special seal.

3. Metal is almost always cold to the touch, so the unheated models are not recommended to be put on the entrance to the house.

Today the market offers a variety of accessories and auxiliary materials that these flaws can be quickly eliminated.

kinds of designs

Before starting the production of aluminum doors is required to determine the type of the product.There are some types of structures:

- Swing.Most often, they are installed in banks and business centers.Their advantage is that they are leaving automatically in different directions.Naturally, for this they must be equipped with a special mechanism.

- sliding.These doors are also open in opposite directions.However, there is already have to work with your hands.No Automatic they are not installed.However, their dignity can be considered a useful space.

- Pendulum.They can been opened for both sides.This opens two doors or one.Most often, they are installed in large stores, bus stations and railway stations, where the daily flow of people is very large.

What types of profiles are used?

Before manufacturing aluminum doors, windows and other constructions, it is necessary to pay attention to the material of manufacture.Most often used metal profiles.It happens:

1. cold.That is, during its manufacture have not been applied from the heat insulating material insert.Most often it is used indoors.

2. Warm.The name speaks for itself.Such insulated elements can be used for the manufacture of doors and windows, which will be located in unheated rooms or outside the house.

stages of manufacture of the product

Production doors made of aluminum profile often takes place in a specially equipped workshop.The process itself is not complicated and does not require a lot of time.There are several stages of manufacture submitted designs:

1. Warming of aluminum ingots at high temperature in a special oven.Thereafter, pressing takes place and the metal cutting elements at a predetermined length.All this is done automatically.However, the process should be careful not to get married.

2. Fabrication and installation of aluminum doors only after all the details are treated corrosion-resistant composition.

3. Creation of mounting brackets, which are connected by means of profiles.

4. Assembling the frame.At this stage the laying of insulation (if necessary).

5. Insert insulating glass.

In principle, the production of designs presented is not complicated.If you decide to do the doors, you will need to purchase aluminum profiles.

How to choose the right design?

If you decide to purchase manufactured goods, it should carefully examine.The fact that the production technology of aluminum doors is not always observed.Choose construction can be on the following criteria:

- Examine the connection profiles.They should not be gaps.

- connecting pin must be pressed.

- If the doors are insulated, at the corner joints must be present sealant.It is desirable that it was silicone.

- between the profiles and glazing beads should not be a gap.Otherwise, you can not install a door on the street, since it will skip the cold air.

- Coating products to be factory.Hand painting designs are not permitted.

- Buy the product only from certified vendors.However, they should have all the necessary documents for the goods, which indicate its quality.Even you can find out from the manufacturer where you can see an example of his work.

- Profiles should not be crooked or rough.Scratches on the surface of metal - is a direct path to corrosion.

- Particular attention should be paid to the hardware design.Its quality should be undisputed.Handle all other mechanisms are required to serve at least 10 years.

These criteria will help you choose a really quality product.

What you need for installation design?

Production of windows and doors made of aluminum profile - is a fairly simple process, which, however, must be carried out correctly.Naturally, much attention should be paid and the installation of the product.In order to mount the structure, you must collect such tools and materials:

1. Building level.

2. Rubber mallet.

3. Simple pencil for marking.

4. Sealant.

5. fasteners (screws, bolts, dowels or screws).

6. Drill.

7. Plummet, which will help set the correct box.

installation instructions

Now you can install the product.It consists of several stages:

- To begin, remove the old door.The opening, it should be thoroughly cleaned.The box must be dismantled too.Note that it is better with the product ordered threshold, which is itself perfectly you can not do.

- Now for the installation of a metal box.Between the wall and the structure should drive a wedge with which you can set the correct level.

- In the center of each element of the box to drill holes for dowels.

- Now install the fasteners and screw them to the third of the length to be able to adjust the level.If all goes well, then driving them into the wall to end.

- Put the door on the hinges and lock it.If the hardware works well, the handle is OK, you can fill in the space between the frame and the wall mounting foam.After 12 hours, remove the wedges.During this time, the foam must be completely dry.

- In a day you can use the door.

Now you know how the fabrication and installation of aluminum doors.Good luck!