Toppingovy floor: a device technology and styling

Toppingovy floor - a floor of concrete, the top layer of which has increased strength and overwritten to shine special equipment.The thickness of the floor starts at 7 cm. Depending on the operating conditions toughened coating can serve up to 25 years.

Application toppingovyh floors

Toppingovye floors (pictured) can withstand heavy loads.Therefore, this technology is mainly used in packing enterprises.Erect a concrete floor topping on objects where you need a durable coating that does not require special care.

main objects for stacking can be grouped into the following groups:
- warehouses and production facilities;
- parking lots, garages, car dealerships and garages;
- premises of industrial buildings;
- basements of buildings;
- shopping malls and shops;
- rail facilities.
Popularity concrete floor coated with topping due to the optimal combination of quality and price, as well as the high speed of installation of the coating.

Types topping

mixture for hardening concrete can include sev

eral types of filler.The most common use of metal particles of quartz or corundum chips.The most durable is considered toppingovy floor containing metallic inclusions.But it has become very popular with a mixture of quartz content.By coloring the filler and its concentration in the mixture depends on the color of the floor topping.Available color range varies from white to a natural gray.
varying proportions of fillers of different kinds of properties, characteristics of the coating.You can choose the composition resistant to vibration or static loads, while complying with health requirements.

Quality requirements

Laying the floor should be carried out in compliance with technical standards.The work is necessary to use high quality materials.By toppingovomu covering a number of requirements:
- the strength of the floor;
- flatness and smoothness of the surface;
- coating durability.
Toppingovy floor after laying should not create dust.All of these requirements can only observe professionals with the necessary skills for installation of concrete floors with reinforced top layer.

device toppingovyh floors.Preparatory work

Technology laying floor ruggedized means carrying out preparatory work in the room.Before the installation of the coating, it is necessary to carry out survey work and draft, select materials and their quantity.
At the initial stage of work carried out filling the area with sand, and the soil is compacted in layers and carry a horizontal layout surface.If conditions warrant, make the dumping gravel followed by consolidation and propping factions.The room must be carried out complete waterproofing.This will require special materials, roll waterproofing and bituminous paint.
Depending on the technical design of selected reinforcement type surface.The most common types of single and double rack mounting accessories.If the expected loads are not very large, then use a metal mesh.Then set the special guides beacons for pouring the concrete base (higher grade strength M300).If
toppingovy floor mounted on an old concrete floor, it is first necessary to make sure in the absence of surface defects.Cracks and chips should be expanded and filled with a special compound.Crumbling concrete is considered unsuitable for foundations and dismounted.

Toppingovye floors: Technology laying

toppingovogo floor installation is that the surface of the concrete mixture is applied to the composition of the solid carriers - Portland cement or other additives.These additives improve the qualitative characteristics of the material and reduces the time of laying.
damage the concrete mix should be homogeneous in composition.For better shrinkage to cover the effects of vibration.When filling must be removed foreign objects, including the beacons.If you use a special non-removable beacons, they are not dismantled.

quality floor depends on the formulation of concrete fortress brand, type of crushed stone filler.Toppingovuyu mixture should be applied during the curing concrete (typically within 4-7 hours after application).Only under this condition reinforcer can absorb the necessary amount of moisture and form a single structure with concrete.During this process it is important to observe the temperature in the room.
special carts topping mixture evenly applied to the surface.Consumption thus can vary considerably, from 4 to 16 kilograms per square meter of surface.Next, the surface will be overwritten by special Gomaco.If the floor is made of color styling, the topping is applied several times.
result of such actions becomes high strength and wear resistance of concrete.

main advantages

Laying the concrete floor with a high-strength top layer is selected from the obvious advantages:
- increase service life;
- speed stacking floor (up to 1000 square meters per shift);
- no dust, dirt and debris during installation;
- increased wear resistance values;
- maximum impact resistance;
- to exploit the room with such a coating is possible after 1.5 weeks after laying the floor.

Industrial toppingovye floors with a relatively small material cost can solve the problem of hardening of the surface layer of concrete foundations, to ensure their effective protection against moisture and various household chemicals, as well as the simplicity and safety of operation.