Device drainage at the site with his own hands - technology

drainage device at the site with their hands, you can easily produce, if necessary.This may be necessary when the territory is marked excess humidity, which can cause many problems.If you have not thought about this question, as the first signs that you should pay attention, act stagnant puddles.They can not leave the area for several days or even weeks.Do not neglect these shortcomings territory, because after a while you're bound to run into problems such as not only getting wet basement, but its destruction.Do not avoid minor troubles and drenched in the form of plants and trees that are from excess moisture may even die.Very often the device drainage at the site with his own hands is necessary in the event that it is located in a valley, where the water table is high.

Species drainage

Drainage can be equipped by one of several ways.The first is called deep drainage, the second - shallow.The last of these is used to remove water from the area that accumulates after seasonal flooding or heavy ra

infall, while the former is used to reduce the level of soil moisture by exhaust groundwater.Movement drainage usually selected not only depending on the site, but also in accordance with preference of the owner.Despite the fact that each species has its own peculiarities and differences, it is possible to arrange on their own.

Features of designing drainage

drainage device at the site with their hands should be carried out according to the rules.So, when it comes to the surface, this species may point or line.The first is meant to drain the fluid from the oversize areas that are very separated.But if there is a need to deal with the accumulation of water, it is necessary to equip the water inlet, which involve basically the point of drainage.This may be areas that are placed under gutters in depressions of the relief and the bottom of the terraces, the objects to install drainage point and entry portions protrude.This system is the most simple and does not involve the need for prior preparation of a special scheme.

drainage device at the site with their hands will be more complicated when it comes to the system of linear type.This kind of task involves the drainage of water drainage from buildings, in addition, such systems are perfectly capable of dealing with the protection of the tracks in the area from the water paths, they perfectly protect and entrances, as well as resist washing away the fertile layer of soil from the territory of the country site.

Features linear drainage

Described linear drainage, we can say the following: this design is presented in advance of a planned system of shallow trenches.Recent lay at an angle, placing around the perimeter and at the places where the most celebrated water retention.Device drainage in the garden with his own hands involves the drafting area.Available to be backbone trench, which is necessary to collect water falling into the ditch.Its end should be in the receiving water, in which can be a gully or traditional storm sewer.

During the design is required to take into account the place where there is stagnant water.This is necessary in order to pave the trenches from these points to the main drainage.You have to understand that to be true and calculated slope runoff, otherwise the water will not go away.The smallest slope drainage is 0,003 m, with regard to sandy soils.As for clay soils, this figure should be equal to 0.002 m. Water intake must be positioned so that its position was below the linear drainage, namely in such a way and it is necessary to make drainage area with his hands.Drainage areas, as practice shows, is most effective, if the slope is made equal to 0.005-0.01 m.

Features arrangement surface drainage

At arrangement of the surface drainage area should be used two methods.The first of these - the open.It involves digging open trenches.The walls of such structures are to be formed at an angle of 30 °, namely such parameters allow fluid to freely flow into the gutter.The design should have a width in the range of 0.5 m, while its depth should be equivalent to 0.7 m. As the main advantages of this system is a lightness of execution.However, there is a serious shortcoming, which is expressed in the unsightly appearance, this is what will spoil the overall impression of the site.

strengthen the walls of the drainage system

Among other things, it should be noted that if the walls are not strengthened, they will soon enough begin to peel off, resulting in the construction of disrepair.You can solve this problem by the use of crushed stone riprap, which prevents the destruction of the trench, but it can not avoid the fact that the capacity will be greatly reduced.

Drainage area with their hands, which technology devices before starting work certainly needs to be studied, it involves backfilling with gravel bottom of the groove, thus it is necessary to use krupnofraktsionny material, whereas the upper part should be fine to take the rubble.This will solve the problem of crumbling walls.Above all, you can cover the turf.

solve the problem of fraying and possible method of using drainage trays mounted in the trench on top with all the necessary to close the bars.The latter is necessary in order to prevent ingress of debris.At the core trays can be concrete, polymer concrete or plastic, while the lattice can be made of steel or plastic.

Device features deep drainage

If you are interested in the device drainage system at the site, we can see more installation design features deep type.This will reduce the total moisture content of the soil.In order to ensure the effective operation of the system, it should be positioned below the groundwater.Initially made up of geodesic site that will help you understand where lies the aquifer.

order to determine at what depth will lie drains, should take into account the average values.Thus, the tube can be placed at a depth of 0.6 to 1.5 m.

If you have to work with the territory in which the peat soil, the trench should lay more deeply, it is because these soils very soon settle.Installation depth - within 1-1.6 m. In order to work on the arrangement of the system, it is necessary to apply a pipe with perforations.Typically, they are based - plastic.Drainage at their summer cottage with his own hands, the unit of which is described in the article, it is done using the drain with regard to the deep system.Thus, the drain - a pipe Ø50-200 mm where there are holes Ø1,5-5 mm.

Installation recommendations deep drainage

In the case of the deep system, as well as the regeneration of the surface drainage system presupposes the existence of the main trench.It will collect moisture from the secondary pipe, and its end will go into the receiving water.The plan must take into account that the perforated tubes are mounted on a base of sand and gravel.In the course of work will be necessary to make trenches equipment.For this purpose channels are dug, which width is 40 cm. At the bottom of the foundation is laid in layers, can only start after the laying of the pipe.Sometimes it is wrapped with geotextile, which helps protect the holes from clogging.

Installation wells

Without the help of experts at the first level can not be made deeper drainage area with their hands;project, the device must be entrusted to a team of professionals.In order to be able to control the process of drainage and clean up the system, you need to install special manholes.They can be based on w / w.However, if the depth of the drain no more than 3 m, it is necessary to apply the corrugated pipe.Facilities should be supplemented with lids to prevent the ingress of debris.

Installation recommendations wells

necessary to comply with all the rules, if you decide to implement a drainage device in the area, the general idea of ​​the type of deep drainage involves placing the wells on a straight line with steps of 50 m, with regard to the winding trench, the wells should be on everyturn.Be sure to contact the geodesic service, if you need to build a deep drainage system.