Collecting Musical Instruments simply mesmerizing

Collecting of musical instruments is considered to be a very interesting exercise, related to the history and culture of the peoples of the world.

Musical instruments are divided into 6 categories:

1. string;

2. wind;

3. Reed;

4. percussion;

5. keyboards;

6. electromusical.

And all categories of musical instruments are divided into subgroups:

1.Schipkovye string.

sound source of this group are stretched strings.A sound by using the fact that the string zaschipyvaem fingers.Many plucked instruments called lutes and have a resonating body and neck.But instruments plucked zithers group distinguishes what strings are attached to the body and to have neck.

the strings of a musical instrument played by plucking include: guitar, dombra, balalaika, etc.

The guitar is the most popular six-string plucked instrument in the world.Also, experiments were conducted to add them to the strings, set up a 10-string and 15-string, but these tools are not common.Apply guitar as Accompanying, solo or ens

emble performance in many musical styles such as rock, country, blues, etc.Electric guitar was invented in the 20th century and had a strong influence on the culture.

people playing these instruments, called guitarists.And those repairs and manufactures such products are called masters of the guitar.

String Instruments, based on historical data, were invented in the second millennium BC.

course, collection of musical instruments includes picking up the first guitars, which were released from vydohnuvshey gourd or turtle shell, and many are simply made from a single piece of wood.With the 3-4 century in China there are such instruments as the Yuan and Yueqing, building these instruments going from the lower and upper decks.Later, in Europe there are Moorish and its Latin species.Then in the 15th century there was a musical instrument Vihuela, he also had a great influence on the creation of a guitar.

usual simple form made of plywood, and the case of expensive items made of mahogany or rosewood, as many people use maple.Guitar fretboard made of beech or do redwood and other natural materials.

Such musical instruments also have many characteristics that make them:

1. way to amplify the sound;

2. housing design;

3. range;

4. presence of frets;

5. Place of origin;

6. genre of music;

7. part of the work performed;

8. number of strings.

sound of the guitar is very quiet, so there are two basic concepts of sound amplification.The first of these is called the acoustic and the second - the electronic.Electronic zvuchatel is that in this case, a variety of electronic audio amplifiers that receive signals from the electronic guitar and reinforce them.At the sound of an acoustic instrument is compared with a human voice.And there is another class of guitars, which is called an acoustic-electric or mixed.It can be connected to an amplifier and can be used as a simple acoustic form.

Also, there is a unique "midi" - guitar, it is not attached to any of these music genres.Yet it is called "Electro-exotics."The possibilities offered by this tool are virtually endless.In form it resembles an electric guitar, and by the process of the game - an ordinary six-string.

Playing the guitar is done with both hands, one hand is on the fretboard, chord, pluck the strings on the other drum products.The tool with the musicians keep ourselves leaning on her knee to the neck was raised to the top of 45 degrees.Another way to play the guitar - it's a belt slung over his shoulder.There are musicians who used to play the instrument with his left hand, for that they turn the guitar fretboard on the right side.