Collecting Badges Extends Experience

At one point, one of the collectors always think about how to streamline, organize and store your collection when it becomes too much bulk.Also, no exception collection icons - faleristics.The entire collection must be placed and streamlined so that it has a clear and representative appearance.Especially prized by collectors to easily find the right instance.

The article presents the methods of collection of icons.You will need: sheets of drawing paper, foam or tissue, folders with rings, a small rack, punch, if necessary, clear file.

1. Collecting , the most common and easiest way to store the total volume - place it on the fabric stretched over a frame.Also, for this method may use foam or drawing paper.Using this type of storage, collection, and you can place order by the groups, adding to them a signature.When storing the collection on the cloth in the clear, it is necessary for her to look very carefully.Because dust and dirt are the enemies of all major types of collections.

2. The second method is suitable for storing large collections, they can be placed in the archive folders, binders.To do this, take a thick cloth, drawing paper or foam to make the blank A4.Use the hole punch to make holes should be in the material used, the location of which will correspond to the mounting position in folders.

Collecting badges required to put them, according to the structure, leaving a space for comments.And for added convenience, you can shift the sheets with attached icons - blank sheet of paper on which will be available all the necessary information about the sections of the collection.For greater safety sheets of icons can be placed in a transparent file, in this case, the punch can not be used.Careless storage of collections can cause complaints and reproaches from other collectors.Of course, you can use a ready-made archive folder with stitched files, but this leads to difficulties when it becomes necessary to remove or add new sheets.

large number of archival folders, and accordingly, the number of sheets in them, greatly complicates the work of collectors in search of the instance or the whole group.Therefore, for faster and error-free search of the desired icon theme, you must:

- assign each folder individually numbered;

- renumber all the sheets in each folder;

- create small registry with the necessary information.

3. Depending on the preferences of the collectors, instead of archive folders can be prepared in a simple cardboard box.If you use cardboard boxes need to protect the surface of the icons from damage and scratches, this case can consume very dense pieces of tissue placed between the sheets with icons.

4. Who produced a special folder for storing icons, and, if desired, they can be found and easily obtained.

5. Just as special boxes (box with a transparent cover, which lie within the strip of foam).However, this method has a downside as condensate, which can collect under the lid and cause harm to your exhibits.

often kollektsionerovanie involves the use of several ways to store their collections, for example, some icons are placed on the tissue (Whatman paper, foam rubber) and mounted on the wall for clarity and awareness, and the bulk of the stack in the archive folder to save space.