Easy money - rare coins of modern Russia

desire to magically get rich once in your life there is in each of us.Over the past few years, the Internet and a number of other media regularly flash messages that treasure, probably every day we hold in our hands, without knowing it.That "treasure" consider valuable and rare coins of modern Russia.They give us for delivery at the store or public transport.It was a trifle more often lies in the piggy bank.Iron money, we often think it unnecessary to load and treat them without much trepidation.

it really modern rare coins Russia so easy to find?As the analysis shows many forums numismatists, and his own observations, my dear little thing completely justifies its name.In the store to get money and treasured in a moment to rip all-if you can, it is only hypothetical.Rare Coins of the modern Russia is really hard to find, so if you are out on the chance, can consider himself a favorite of Fortune.More often than not small change money are not above their face value, but, nevertheless, be aware of what

kind of change can bring quite significant income, will not be superfluous.

So, here we list only some rare coins of modern Russia.The undoubted leader in this ranking is certainly a famous fiver allegedly issued in 1999.Since today is actually confirmed the existence of only one instance, it can be assumed that it is - a unique specimen or grandiose fiction.However, if such a sudden you will get, you can consider himself became rich in the amount of 100 thousand rubles.

less pleasant weighted coin purse with a nominal value of 1.5 rubles, which will be release in 2003.As the information released, they were very limited edition, so are of value to numismatists.These rare coins of modern Russia can cost anywhere from 5 to 10 thousand rubles.

Another quite interesting and an expensive copy was released in 1997.It - odnorublevaya coin with a broad, flat or stepped edging.They say that it can be sold for about two thousand.

quite inexpensive, but it is much more expensive than its real cost are different commemorative coins, the so-called "hodyachka."This, for example, ten-bimetallic copies of the series "Cities of Russia", and so on. N.

If we talk about how to find among a large number of little things really valuable specimen, there is an answer can be only one: do not spend it without a thorough study.Probably, it is now in your pocket is not 7 rubles, and a few thousand.Post a correct assessment of the actual value and name, you will be able to help out by selling rare coins of modern Russia can only be a professional.Often, however, and they can certainly announce a lower cost, wanting to buy a rare instance of a profit.Explore forums, listen to the advice of more experienced fellow collectors, do not rush to sell immediately.Believe me, if you really rare coin, the buyer will certainly find it.

Separately, we note that if the rare coins of modern Russia is quite difficult to find, you can get quite tangible benefits by selling the usual "copper."Novice collectors often take on a number of standard coins in excellent condition, collected by release year (so-called "pogodovka").