A fascinating collection

Collecting natural amber is called yantarofiliya.It is called the "Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčTears", "Solar gift" - a poetic and very beautiful name.Proponents of this stone gathers a collection of jewelry, figurines, and various crafts, but of particular interest are the fossil amber nuggets.Petrified resin has the most unusual colors, shapes and sizes.Connoisseurs many as 250 of its species, their differences are not only in color, the degree of smoothness and transparency, but also in situ.Colours stones unusually diverse: the color of honey, brandy, wax, black tea, from bright golden to brown.There are watery transparent, resembling ice, green, cherry, black and many other colors.

most valuable specimens in the collection are inclusive - clots fossil resin fossilized insects inside.There are stones containing spiders, beetles, termites, cockroaches, crickets, crickets, and many other insects.Amber is unique , containing a conch shell, a feather or a spider web.Rare collectors can boast instance, within whic

h froze scenes from the life of, for example, mating insects fragment ant ants.Products made of amber with inclusions of insects are not cheap and are not sold in the stalls and kiosks.

strong & gt; Collecting Natural amber - employment extraordinarily exciting, unusual and mystery which gives the age of the nuggets.A piece of fossilized resin in his hands, mind takes to the beach, sand dunes, bright sun.
in its depths sparkling colored lights illuminating the diverse landscapes of different ages.

Collectors acquire such stones with inclusion, not only because of its unusual stone is the carrier of the planet's history.For samples of living beings, enclosed in stone, make it possible to draw conclusions about the development of flora and fauna of the earth.Meets nuggets, which since its creation more than 50 million years.In those days the world was inhabited by animals, grow forests and plants extinct in the course of evolution.

In recent years there have been cases of counterfeit natural amber using modern synthetic resins.Such falsification is fairly easy to recognize.Natural stone is always a warm, sunny, radiating positive energy.Above all, he is never dull and lackluster.

Since ancient times, are prevalent beliefs, though this stone brings happiness, prosperity, protects from harm.The ancient Greeks symbolized it as a sign of victory, and believed in him, as in the amulet.Stone called the name of a star in the constellation Taurus - "Electron": the radiant and warm, it seemed, he was a grain of star Electra.It was assumed that it increases the power of the owner, gives confidence and strength.

Currently collection is the most common hobbies worldwide.According to surveys carried out, 52% of respondents said that the collection is their favorite pastime, which brings into their lives a lot of positive moments.This activity contributes to filling the home a special atmosphere when the favorite subjects radiate their energy.In addition, thanks to this hobby expanded horizons person seeking to learn as much information about their favorite things.

Note that collection associated with the heavy workload, in terms of time, because it will be necessary to search and read a variety of information, chat with other fans, driving to the shops, auctions and shopping.While all this will bear fruit.