Collecting and search for antiquities.

Collecting and search for antiquities.

Collecting and search for antiquities in the latest popular among the common people and intellectuals.For some treasure hunting - it is a hobby, for others a way to improve the financial situation, but for the true searchers historians is life.Without which a person can not, what is thinking all the time, for what exists.No exception and the Rostov region.If this was done before the avid collectors and people related to archeology, but now some individuals take up the search for the enrichment.In the press there are all sorts of reported looting of burial mounds and monuments of antiquity.Recently black diggers or simply say vandals destroyed the recently discovered ancient temple of Demeter period near Anapa.

Young people are not burdened with nothing more, hoping to get rich, get metal detectors.But to buy the MD does not mean to become hunters and successfully to search for antiquities.We must be able to do it, to have knowledge of the history of his native l

and, to be able to use maps to navigate the terrain.Even with old maps, terrain search engine meets many challenges, the basic guidelines may eventually disappear.There are special features of the terrain allows you to define a search.

Many archaeologists have expressed dissatisfaction with the activities of treasure hunters, but not all bad.In the future, search engines will appreciate the work deserved.New treasure hunters supporting the ethics and rules of search help archaeologists to find a settlement and settlements, preserving the history of their native land.

site provides interesting information about the archeology and treasure hunting in the Rostov region.Don fascinating history and full of interesting activities, changes.Many tribes and ethnic groups lived on the land (Cimmerians, Sarmatians, Scythians, Khazars, the Tatar-Mongols, the representatives of the Indo-Aryan race).According to new research in the Rostov region possible human civilization was born.

interesting archeology Stone Age and the Bronze Age.I was amazed when one of the forums I see pictures of hunters with lots of ceramics.It turns out it is the archaeologists, after excavation, put unnecessary pieces of pottery.Of course you can see that not all fit in the local museums, but there popodaet ceramics from the excavations in regional museums?Unlikely.

main task of hunters and searchers to save for posterity the history and antiquities do not fall into consideration and not interesting for archaeologists.Not considered to be a small benefit in the definition of the area settlements and settlements of ancient cultures and timely information about them archaeologists.