How to clean coins of different metals?

begin with, that the coins are different.Of course, this applies not only to the year of production and the other external characteristics, and above all to the material out of which they are made.It may be silver, and brass, and nickel, and platinum and gold, and other, other, other ...

the material depends on how clean the coins.And now more about it.
most simple - rub the coin, for example, sand.But it is - a double edged sword.Sand will act like sandpaper, since it has the same structure, and hence the surface is hopelessly spoiled.This is not our choice.

more appropriate way to clean the coin - wipe them with a damp cloth.
Gold coins also need to be cleaned, but they have to be careful.It is better to buy a special liquid to clean the surface, instead of doing it with plain water.Unfortunately, the choice than face value - a big headache for the owner, because the imported funds are not all there is to the Russian market, we have a choice of quite poor.

Many coins are made of silver.Perhaps

among collectors is the most common option.How to clean silver coin - a special art.Perhaps the silver is the most capricious of all metals.It even capricious gold.

There are several ways on how to clean the coins and make silver shine again in all its glory.

Some believe that the best option would be to let them drop into the electrolyte for a few minutes.We take a simple electrolyte from the battery.Strong long to keep it is not necessary, but 3-5 minutes is fine.You can periodically remove the coin and see how it is cleaned, if necessary, this procedure can be repeated several times.Just be careful with the electrolyte.If it gets on your clothing, you will ruin it in a matter of seconds.

After such a cleaning electrolyte coin must be dried.It is better not to do this with a towel, a wet and somewhat dry and soft, such as toilet paper.Put toilet paper, dab on top of the coin and let dry.

Another way to clean the coins of silver.They can be cleaned with soapy water or ordinary water with a few drops of ammonia.
By the way, note that the ammonia is often used to clean the surfaces of the hostess of the metal.And this is understandable.He makes them shine and sparkle.

also relatively simple and pure nickel coins.It is the most malleable and moody material.Suffice it to redeem the coins in soapy water.
Actually, from what would have been done by your coin, you know the basic rule of how to clean the coin.Do not wipe them with a towel.No terry or conventional kitchen.Since this can cause damage to the surface.It is best to use a regular toilet paper, referred to above (in this case, we get wet surface), or not to use anything at all, and wash, rinse the coin and let it dry naturally.Just do not put a coin to dry in direct sunlight, they are insidious, for example, can be stained on the surface.

If you need to clean the copper coin, remember that copper contact with water is extremely undesirable because of possible oxidation.Then it is necessary to remove the greens and other nasty attacks.Dip your coin into the engine oil and dab with toilet paper.Ideally, too, need to use a special cleaning solution is for copper.

Finally, the coin of aluminum.They are also very picky and just wash them with water is not recommended.Look for special solutions to clean aluminum.The same rule applies to iron - only specific products.
Take care of your coins to a collection shone in all its glory!